Top Display Cases Every Store Should Have

In 2020, online retail sales hit an all-time high of over 16% of the total US revenue. As the humble shop begins to vanish, it is becoming more important than ever to lure people away from Amazon and into a brick-and-mortar venue. But do you know the tools at your disposal?

The right display can make visiting your store an event. If you want to attract attention and get people into your store, read our guide on the best display cases for your stock.

Full, Half, or Quarter Vision?

Most types of store display cases can be classified as full, half, or quarter vision. Each has a unique design that comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.

Full vision cabinets maximize the available space for merchandising purposes. From the floor to the top of the fixture, they will give you a lot of space.

These cases can have glass on all sides (frameless) or they may have panels protecting the sides from view. Use them for products that have a high turnover, as they are easy to view and remove from the case.

Half vision cabinets are similar to full vision, though only the top half of the cabinet will be used for display purposes. Many utilize the bottom for hidden storage, so you can keep extra stock away from customers’ eyes. They are useful if your store is short on stock room but still needs to display items.

Quarter vision cabinets will only have the top 1/4 on display. This brings certain items closer to the eye level of the shop visitor while providing even more storage. There are also 3/4 vision display cases where only the bottom 1/4 is used for storage and the rest is displayed.

Display CasesFrameless Display Cases

Frameless models are excellent store display cases if you want to allow light to travel through your store. As they don’t have a solid frame, the glass creates a look of space. When you fill the cabinets up, it will almost be as if items are floating in mid-air.

You can buy these cases in a wide range of widths and sizes. Corner units can also maximize unused space without making the property look crowded.

They are also excellent for placing in windows. Without a frame, passers-by can also see into the store. This is a great visual merchandising tool.

Standing Display Cases

Standing display cases are any case that has a solid base on the floor. They can be framed or unframed. Very often, people choose to have one or two large, framed cases as a focus for their retail store display.

A range of materials can create standing display cases. You can have modern metal ones, or choose classic styling with heavy woods. With such a choice, you are sure to be able to find something to fit the look of your shop.

Wall Mounted Display Cases

Wall-mounted display cases affix to the wall at eye level. They are best used for smaller items. one of the major benefits is that they can maximize wall space, leaving you free to have other items on the floor and unblock walkways.

Museum Display Cases

Museum display cases are useful for placing the focus on one item. They often raise items onto a plinth or pedestal and protect them with a cube or rectangle of glass. As they do not have easily accessible doors, they tend to work better for items that are on permanent display as opposed to ones that need to be removed for sale.

Jewelry Display Cases

Jewelry cases are similar to museum display cases, though they have a better design for a retail environment. With doors at the back and reinforcement, they can also be used as working countertops with goods displayed underneath. You can use them for showcasing any small items, not just jewelry.

Display CasesOptical Display Cases

These cases are designed to showcase eyewear. They have racks and are often backlit, so a wide range of spectacles can be easily removed. As well as their use by opticians, fashion stores may also use them for displaying sunglasses.

Display Case Vendors

When it comes to manufacturers of display cases, one of the most popular brands is Tecno. Experts in standard and custom glass displays, they have been manufactured in the USA since 1978.

Their strict quality assurance provides a display case you can rely on. They make a wide range of products from countertop displays to trophy cabinets.

Tips for Choosing the Right Retail Store Display

When choosing the right retail store display, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your property, existing displays, and your products will all have an impact.

Begin by thinking about stock in your store. Do you have a large storeroom to keep products in or are you confined to small areas? If you don’t have much space, then you may want to consider display cases with more storage options.

Do some research and choose your top items that tend to sell the most. Many retail outlets will have around 20% of their inventory bringing in most of the profit. These are the ones you want to display, so consider the types of cases that would best house those items.

Once you have this, look for any other unused space in your shop. If you can fit cabinets in here, you can use them for high-end goods. Placed close to doors and windows, they will attract attention and bring people into the shop.

Ordering Display Cases

Once you know the display cases you want, get ordering. The quicker they arrive, the faster you can revamp your retail space. Invite people in and turn shopping into an event.

Display Connection should be your first stop for displays and store fixtures. With all types of cases from the top brands, we can refit your store in the coming months. Contact us here to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.

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