The CBD market is increasingly competitive, and ensuring your products shine is critical to your store’s success. With a massive $5.31 billion spent on CBD products in 2021 alone, there’s no doubt that this is a booming market. High-quality, visually appealing display cases are the key to guaranteeing your products sell quickly.

CBD display cases undeniably influence branding and marketing products that customers want to buy. But what is the real importance of CBD display cases for marketing success, and how can these cases elevate your branding? This article will dive deep into the new world of display cases and their role in shaping your brand’s identity and promoting marketing success. Let’s get started!

1. CBD Display Cases Captivate Customers

Display cases are one of the determining factors in gaining customers’ attention. Ensuring that customers can quickly find what they’re looking for by prominently displaying your products, such as in a countertop display case, can help you sell like never before.

CBD display cases demand customers’ attention, captivating them with your products and maximizing sales. Placing CBD products in these cases makes it easier for customers to browse your offerings, building intrigue that’s difficult to capture when you don’t properly display your products.

2. Display Cases Enhance Product Visibility

CBD display cases ensure that your products are front and center, increasing your chances of making a sale. No matter how high-quality your CBD products are, quality won’t matter if customers can’t find what they’re looking for–or if they can’t discover what they didn’t know they needed.

A display case places your product front and center, increasing brand visibility and making it likelier that customers will discover your products and make a purchase. Consider featuring your top-selling items in display cases to profit from your offerings.

3. Display Cases Create an Immersive Experience

By presenting all of your CBD products front and center in a display case, you create an exciting, immersive shopping experience. Rather than making the customer walk aimlessly around the store looking for the products they want, you can put your best sellers in a display case to instantly immerse them in the shopping experience and ensure they’re satisfied once they leave your store.

These cases are the best way to immerse customers in your products, showing your brand and representing your dedication to a seamless shopping experience.

4. CBD Display Cases Create a Cohesive Brand

Branding is everything when making a name for yourself in the populated CBD industry. Without effective branding strategies, customers won’t remember who you are or what you offer, which can be detrimental for sellers trying to stand out against the competition.

Properly organizing your display case and keeping a consistent, cohesive theme can take your marketing to the next level, guaranteeing that customers remember who you are and come back for more after their initial purchase.

5. Display Cases Allow the Customer to Guide Their Shopping Experience

Customers often prefer to guide themselves through the shopping experience without needing additional help from employees. By placing your products front and center in an easily-accessible design, you guarantee that your customers find your products and that they enjoy their self-guided shopping experience. These cases ensure that customers see everything you have to offer and that they can make the best, educated decision for their shopping needs.

Choosing the Right Display Case

Though display cases play a critical role in your branding and marketing success, it’s important to understand how to choose the right display case for your store. Before you can make a decision, you need to know the types of display cases available:

  • Horizontal display cases: These cases serve as a retail counter, placing your products in full view for customers to browse without the extra hassle of locating the products they want.
  • Tower display cases: Tower cases provide a vertical view of your products and stand upright, allowing customers to approach your products from different angles and allowing you to save significant floor space.
  • Countertop cases: These cases are perfect for last-minute purchases. They protect your products on a countertop to bring them closer to the customer’s eye level and convince the buyer to add CBD products to their final purchase.
  • Wall-mounted display cases: Placing your products in smaller, wall-mounted display cases is perfect for filling up empty wall space and creating a cohesive, visually-appealing setup that perfectly showcases your CBD products.
  • Pedestal display cases: Finally, these cases are perfectly positioned in the center of your store to draw attention from customers and promote an engaging shopping experience at every point in the buyer’s journey.

Secrets to Choosing the Right Case

While all of the cases mentioned above have unique branding benefits, it’s important to carefully consider your options before selecting the cases you want to use in your store. Keep the following in mind before making your decision:

  • Assess your storage space to determine which cases fit seamlessly with your overall design.
  • Consider the size of your products and how many CBD products you’re offering to avoid overcrowding cases and to ensure that you choose the best size.
  • Determine the level of security you need for your products to prevent loss from theft and damage.
  • Consider investing in more than one display case style for versatility and to promote different CBD products.
  • Determine whether you’ll want to move the display case to different parts of your store. If you’re looking for this versatility, an unmovable, horizontal display case might not be the best.

Find the Best CBD Display Cases From Display Connection

Investing in display cases to showcase your CBD products is a no-brainer. However, before you buy, you need to consider who you’re buying from. Reliable providers like Display Connection have all the display case options you want to kick your branding and marketing up a notch.

Display Connection offers the best display cases, cabinets, and shelves to improve your merchandising efforts and place your products front and center to maximize sales. No matter what you need, Display Connection has a custom solution to help your store. Contact us today to learn more about how Display Connection can help your brand thrive.

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