What You Should Watch Out for in Merchandising Design

Get this: a whopping 65% of shoppers consider themselves to be “visual learners.” If retail fixtures and merchandising design tend to catch your eye, you’re not alone.

But how does this apply to merchandising design, and how can you implement this into your retail display fixtures?

To learn more, keep reading for the best information about merchandising design.

Retail Display Trends

Feeling clueless about the latest retail display trends? Mannequins

Thankfully for you, we’ve got a few design components and brand awareness ideas to get you started with your retail operation.

For instance, smart retailers are now incorporating social media opportunities into their businesses. Previously, social networking was an inconvenience. If retailers utilized any of it, it was little more than a wall frame and a notice that stated, “tag us on Facebook or Instagram.”

Or, even worse, a hand-made sign requesting folks to “check-in” on their phones.

In addition to this, it doesn’t hurt to add some artfully dressed mannequins to your display either. Not only can you dress them in a variety of designs designed to entice your customers, but they can also make your storefront look busier too!

More Display Fixture Trends

Have you ever thought about displaying footwear on your walls?

Surprisingly enough, merchandising methods for shoes used to be solely focused on tables that disrupted a shopper’s path through a store. Since then, the retail world has discovered that putting small numbers of shoes on a wall where buyers can readily feel them pulls more consumers to the footwear than any table display.

Pro tip: Because the floor is less congested, it also delivers a cleaner shopping experience!

In addition to pioneering simplified marketing, footwear retailers are also giving opportunities to personalize a purchase. Customization is important in driving a purchase. Not to mention that it’s an easy process as well.

Not sure how to customize your retail items?

If you’re shaking your head yes, then think about it this way. If you can attach personalized sayings, logos, or embroidery to an item, do so.

You can even use a Xerox printer, or an ”embroidery machine with basic pre-programmed emojis or sayings. Even better, hire a bespoke tailor instead. Whatever you do, make sure your customized products are the very center of your retail display!

Ready to Buy Retail Display Fixtures?

Still feeling frustrated by modern retail fixtures?

Simply put, marketing strategy encompasses every detail for your store, from how your team visually organizes your product to how your team disrupts traffic patterns in your store.

It even includes how you arrange things to stimulate add-on purchases, signage, and also how you incorporate all of this into social media.

What’s the bottom line? It pays to stay on top of the latest retail display trends (literally!)

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