Product Display Fixtures That Will Best Suit Your Store Type

So you’re opening a store. You have products and space to sell them.

What you still need is a way to display them.

The last thing anyone wants to do is dig through unlabeled opaque cardboard boxes for the items they’re looking for. But how do you choose product display fixtures?

This guide will discuss the best items for liquor stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, and retail stores.

Liquor StoresLiqour Stores

The right product display fixtures for a liquor store are going to fall into two categories. These are gondolas and wine racks.

Wine racks are a great way to set up your liquor store’s wine selection. This can your employees keep track of stock and is a beautiful way to show off your selection of wines.

For larger and oddly shaped bottles, gondolas are your friends. This is a simple way to set up your stock of harder liquors and create a flow to your store.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are going to have a much wider variety of display fixtures.

Gondolas once again add great flow to your store. They also allow you to organize products by category.

Countertop displays are also a good way to display small impulse buy products. These come in many styles such as wooden, plastic, and wired.


Pharmacy product displays are very different from other stores. These are going to be more focused on ease of access and practicality.

Products are going to be displayed on floating island shelves. These shelves can be installed either flat or at 17-degree angles for better visibility. They are also open on both sides for this reason.

The other display fixtures pharmacies are going to want are wire will call baskets to store orders that are ready for pickup. These should be placed where they will be easily reached.


Retail display fixtures are going to fall into three different categories: tables, rods, and slat walls. Retail Slat Walls

Tables are a good way to display all sorts of items from stationery to t-shirts. They are great for setting out products to be easily seen.

Rods are best used for hanging clothes. These can be hung on walls, across floors, or even in circles around a store. They make it easy to see the size and price of a product.

Slat walls are for hanging products and baskets. These are either free-standing aisles or build into the sides of the store.

Items such as school or crafting supplies are packed in ways to hang from these retail fixtures. Baskets can also be used to store small, unpackaged items.

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