How to Choose Shelving and Wine Displays For Liquor Stores

The rise of social media means customers will be sharing photos of your store. Social networks influence nearly 75% of shoppers. Instagram and Twitter’s user-generated content is especially influential.

Visual merchandising is important for any store’s success, but it can be tricky to pull off. Showcasing products is especially difficult for liquor stores, which have unique shelving and display needs.

Do you want to know how to choose the best shelving and wine displays for your liquor store? Read on to learn more.

Shelving For Liquor

Liquor and wine have many special shelving considerations. Their weight load is very high compared to other retail products like clothes or jewelry.

The average weight of a 750mL bottle is almost 3lbs. Even notoriously heavy book loads don’t compare, with the average hardcover book weighing only around one pound.

Many bottles are also made of glass that can shatter if toppled over. Shelves for liquor must be sturdy and durable to prevent inventory loss from breakage.

Liquors shelves should also minimize inventory shrinkage from shoplifting. If your shelving is very tall and enclosed, it could create potential blindspots shoplifters can exploit.

Display Cases

You can use display cases to add security and flair to your liquor store. Wine and liquor display cases generally take the form of vertical or horizontal racks to accommodate the shape and weight of bottles.

Liquor Store Shelving and DisplaysDisplay case design should focus on a few key elements:

  • Store style
  • Budget
  • Wall and floor space
  • Floor plan
  • Floor inventory amount
  • Customer ease and comfort
  • Special products
  • Overall aesthetic

Do you want to awe your customers with your inventory selection? Shelves and displays of gleaming liquor bottles can be an impressive sight.

Do you want a cozy and more intimate style for your store? Custom display cases can enhance your homey vibe. You can also add small displays to break up that warehouse feel.

Wine Display Cases

Wine bottles tend to be more regularly shaped than liquor bottles, so large display racks are relatively easy to find. For custom or irregular bottle shapes, there are small single bottle or row holders.

Liquor Display Cases

Liquor bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from large rectangle shapes to small round skulls. Open shelving displays can be more effective than racks when dealing with an inventory that includes many different bottle types.

Premium Quality Shelving and Wine Displays at Bargain Prices

Your liquor store needs visually pleasing shelving and wine displays to remain competitive in today’s retail environment. They should also be safe, sturdy, and secure.

Display Connection brings you the best in service, quality, and price for shelving and displays. Our family-owned business offers standardized products and customized orders for all your distinctive display design needs.

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