Find the Best Display Case Type for Your Customers and Your Business!

Choosing the right display products for your store can be an overwhelming process. Never fear! Display Connection is here to break down the different showcase types and styles on offer through

Countertop Displays

Our line of premium Countertop Displays is designed to entice customers on their way to the register. This promotes impulse buys while they are waiting in line. Countertop Displays can also be set atop lower shelving units, like shoe shelving. We have a style for every type of brick-and-mortar store, from luxurious Chocolate Cherry Spinner displays to highly functional mini-grid units. This product section also includes countertop mirrors and business cardholders.

Glass Displays

Our Glass Display Units absolutely ooze luxe, giving customers a 360-degree view of your products. From entire wall units to replacement shelving, Display Connection has the glass display items you need to bring a touch of class to any shop.

Display Racks

From Keychain Racks to elegant Tiered Tables, Display Connection has an organized, functional product to highlight your featured items. Available in plastic, glass, gridded wire, and even fine woods like cherry and maple, this product type allows you to display an array of related products in a single unit.

Firearm Displays

Displaying Firearms in a safe and attractive way can be quite the task. Display Connection has you covered, with a variety of fixtures to fit every firearm and bow need.

Jewelry Displays

Our Jewelry Displays are perfect for featuring earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other finery. We use materials varying from burlap to glass and also feature gift-wrapping products like ring cases and earring cards.

Display Tables

For the premium boutique look, check out our line of Display Tables. We have tiered tables, wheeled tables, and solid prairie tables. For pop-ups and traveling shops, we also have folding tables that are excellent for mobility.

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