There are a number of factors that businesses with storefronts need to consider regularly; ensuring that stores remain clean and presentable to customers and clients who come in, keeping up with maintenance, and creating a space that’s functional for employees partners, and team members, are just a few of the concerns that business owners may have associated with their storefront. Another important concern is making the most of the space available and showcasing the business’s offerings in a manner that’s conducive to driving sales. When it comes to optimizing space and making the most of a storefront, the arrangement and organization of retail display cases can be crucial.

That’s why understanding how to strategically place retail store display cases can be important. The strategic placement of display cases isn’t just about looks either. With display cases in the right arrangement, you can better showcase what you have to offer, make your space more appealing to new customers, and even enhance your space for return customers over time.

So how does one optimize space using display cases? What are some of the ways businesses can enhance the way they showcase their offerings to customers? Let’s jump in.

Consider Proportions

For one, utilizing display cases to their full potential often involves aligning the goods that a display case will showcase with the physical characteristics of the display case. In other words, it can be important to put smaller objects in display cases designed to showcase small objects, for example. These might be cases that feature smaller eye-level shelves and lighting. Conversely, larger items may be best showcased in cases with large shelves that don’t obstruct customer views.

Consider Rotation – Literally and Figuratively

Another important consideration when making the most of your display cases is that of rotation. While you may have certain goods that you consistently want to showcase, it can also be helpful to periodically rotate what goods you display and keep your space interesting, especially to return customers. Additionally, display cases that can literally rotate, can be utilized to their full potential when they’re regularly rotated to show off various goods from various angles.

Consider The Flow

Not in a philosophical sense, necessarily, but in a spatial sense, it can be important to consider the flow of your display cases and your store. Imagine the route that a customer might take after they enter the store—how they can navigate to the checkout counter, or which display cases they might walk past in order to get to the back of the store.

As you visualize the route that they might take, you can take stock of what they might see, considering how the display cases are positioned, what goods will naturally draw attention, and how easy it is to find something. It can be helpful to position particularly impressive products in display cases so that they’re very prominent and easy to notice right as customers walk in the door, for example.

Illuminate Your Goods

Lighting can be extremely helpful in showcasing goods. Display cases with lighting in them can help customers see the products better on top of being particularly eye-catching. Many display cases would be naturally dark without lighting, as shelving and frames can create noticeable shadows. As such, lighting is often crucial.

The Importance of Display Cases

So, how important are display cases, really? Does it matter that much whether stores utilize display cases at all, or how they’re placed? The short answer is, yes. As for how important display cases are, that depends on the needs of each individual business, but in many cases display cases are very important.

Driving Sales

For many businesses, it’s important to create an environment in a store that can drive sales. To that end, display cases can be a crucial part of one’s strategy. In fact, over time,  studies have demonstrated the ability of display cases to drive sales. It certainly stands to reason that in effectively displaying the goods that a store has to offer, particularly in a flattering and appealing light, customers may be more inclined to make additional purchases.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing space

In addition to the ability of well-utilized displays to drive sales in many cases, they can also be an important part of a larger strategy to ensure that you create an aesthetically pleasing space in your store. The way a store appears can be extremely important to some consumers, and in some cases, can even be seen as a reflection of your brand. As such, it is important to consider the appearance of your space. In effectively utilizing displays, and considering how to create a space that’s visually appealing through well-organized product displays, it may be possible to drive positive impressions of your store.

Improving the flow

The traffic flow can be an important factor to consider when making a storefront as efficient as possible. Well-placed space saving display cases  can improve the flow of foot traffic, making it simpler to navigate or leading customers through spaces that are conducive to sales—or even both. What’s more, display cases can represent a stark improvement to otherwise unused space in some cases, or may be better at showcasing goods.

Real-Life Examples

To better understand the importance of displaying goods effectively, it can be helpful to visit some real-life examples of how businesses were able to improve outcomes through well-managed product displays.


Apple is well known as a pioneer in the tech field and as a digital titan. Apple is also well known for creating very inviting spaces that prominently display some of its most appealing products. It’s no accident either; Apple stores have been meticulously designed to offer an appealing customer experience.


IKEA is also well-known for creating inviting environments that draw customers in and drive purchases. In fact, IKEA’s layout is the subject of considerable discussion, and many have lauded their ability to create immersive experiences.

The Bottom Line

Display cases can be an important part of a business’s retail space strategy. Display cases aren’t just helpful for prominently displaying impressive goods and compelling products. They’re also helpful in creating navigable spaces that encourage customers to enjoy their time in your store. The right placement and utilization of display cases aren’t just important as components in a strategy to drive sales and conversion, they can also be important components of a strategy that aims to create an aesthetically pleasing space that reflects well on your brand.

To learn more, or to find an amazing selection of display cases, don’t forget to reach out. At Display Connection, we’re committed to connecting you with the right display solution for your unique needs. With a vast range of display case options and a firm commitment to customer service, we’re here to help. Be sure to visit us online today!

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