Shelving Strategies to Simplify Shelf Space

As a store owner, you wake up every day with too many thoughts in your head. Will your workers show up on time? Did any new shipments come in? Were they properly handled? How can you make your store more appealing? These are just naming a few! As the day progresses, more and more concerns will begin to creep onto your to-do list. The last thing you want to worry about is your store’s shelving.

But You Should Worry About It

Customers want a store that appeals to them. They want to know that your store sells what they need, and they want to quickly find it. Maximizing the setup of your shelving layout is crucial to this. Creating the perfect display highlighting your key products will be the factor that sets your store apart from your competitors.

Strategy 1: Don’t be afraid to hang
The endcaps of an aisle can be used for more than a specialty display. Items like clothing, pans, and various accessories can be hung here providing more room elsewhere in your design. Don’t let the traditional “everything-must-be-sitting-on-a-shelf” mentality stop you from creating the perfect setup for your store!

Strategy 2: Keep the space spotless
An intricately arranged shelf can be thrown into shambles by a not-so-courteous customer. This is the bane of any display. Making sure that your staff is filling holes and bringing items back to their proper locations will make your store look more organized. This will also help customers find what they are looking for – resulting in a more efficient transaction!

Strategy 3: Try a lighter coat
Dark colors are perfect for some spaces, but not for your store shelves. Using lighter hues will create an illusion of space around your marketing display. Customers will feel like your product isn’t being squished into an overcrowded area adding appeal to the item and your store overall.

Strategy 4: Never cut corners
Corners may be the most undervalued area in a store. Typical shelving does not easily fit into these spaces, creating a wasted opportunity for displays and storage. Investing in corner shelves is the perfect solution for maximizing usage while maintaining an organized and efficient appearance.

Shelf Display

Strategy 5: Make use of the top shelf
The space above your shelving should not be wasted. This is a perfect place to position large, bulky items that cannot easily be situated in other places in your store. Customers will be able to see the whole piece without maneuvering themselves and their carts around it.

Strategy 6: Remove the clutter
Clutter impedes the customer’s ability to find what they are looking for. It also makes your store appear unkempt and messy. Removing the plastic wrapping around packaged products and keeping tags out of sight can give your store a higher sense of cleanliness.

Knowing how to make your shelving displays look as impressive as possible is not something that should be disregarded. Understanding that customers don’t want to spend hours looking in your store can help reformat the way you view your layouts.

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