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In hypercompetitive markets, brick and mortar retail businesses need every advantage they can get to compete and thrive in an increasingly digital world. Physical retail stores must develop an effective and on-brand visual merchandising strategy that coincides with their unique principles that keep customers coming back. One technique retail businesses embrace to accomplish these goals is to fine-tune their retail store displays and evolve the most successful methods.

Setting Up a Retail Display

Developing and deploying a retail display for a liquor store, convenience store, pharmacy or retail store all comes down to a basic set of principles.

The Basics

There are many fundamental components to any merchandising layout. These components include:

  • A design that encourages customers to handle merchandise
  • Rotating displays to keep them current and seasonal
  • Utilizing technology to stimulate interaction
  • Deploying educational signs and other devices
  • Keeping everything pristine

Most of these primary components manifest from only having a very brief window of time to harness a customer’s attention. The modern attention span is shorter than ever and is only 8 seconds long. Make decisions that result in an inviting, stimulating, clean, and vibrant layout; otherwise, the customer’s attention wavers, and they lose interest.

The ideal layout should include a mixture of complex and simple retail display fixtures and a blend of product display techniques. Fashioning a cohesive layout from these elements is sometimes difficult, but increasing your understanding and familiarity with complex and simple merchandising displays can clarify it.

Simple vs. Complex Merchandising Displays

There are many different types of retail display fixtures used for product display. These fixtures are either complex or simple displays. So, what is the difference?

Liquor Store DisplaysComplex Display Fixtures

A complex display, like a gondola or display case, is the bread and butter of retail. These fixtures maximize space, expedite fulfillment and provide customer satisfaction. Other complex retail displays like pharmacy and liquor store shelving are the perfect display fixtures to exhibit large amounts of goods.

Complex merchandising fixtures are the ideal solution to arrange products in a layout that customers find alluring. Adding simple merchandising displays to the mix elevates this formula to the next level.

Simple Display Fixtures

Simple fixtures like a single bottle wine rack draw focus to a single product or line of products. Simple displays add the flourish, creativity, and ambiance that complex displays lack. They add little bits of detail, like a poster or banner, that ties the entire layout together. It is best to use these fixtures sparingly to prevent clutter, but omitting them altogether may leave your layout feeling empty and lifeless.

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