How Can Retail Signage Benefit Your Sales?

Attractive and helpful signage can help your customers enjoy a more convenient shopping experience. As a retail store owner, you can use signs to convey directional information about products or information about sales or special incentives. You and your team can’t market to each customer who enters your store (and they wouldn’t want you to), but signs can advertise your products effectively. With the right retail signs and displays, you can sell more products and boost your bottom line.

Types of Signs

Retailers have many options when it comes to signage. You can create large, free-standing retail signs that are appropriate for calling out attention to special displays. You can create hanging signs or signs you can mount on walls, ceilings, or shelving in order to direct customers to products they may be looking for such as housewares, juniors clothing, or furnishings.

Products don’t always speak for themselves. Retail signs provide customers with the basic information they need in order to find the items they’re looking for. Typically, stores rely on purely functional signs to denote product sections and specially designed signs to highlight special products or new collections.

Cost-Effective Marketing

In a world where so much seems to be digitized, signs are a traditional hallmark of brick-and-mortar retail stores. Advertising can be quite expensive between billboard rentals, radio commercials, and digital marketing (running social media campaigns), signage creates a respite from more expensive endeavors. You can invest in retail signs that you can reuse over and over. Permanent retail signage is an investment that is apt to pay for itself over time thanks to the marketing service it offers.

retail SignageBranding

Companies might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build their brand identity and promote their brand to prospective customers. Branded signing helps retailers create more brand recognition. While you can feature branded retail signs in your store, you can also bring these signs to trade shows or special events in order to promote your business.

Sales and Incentives

Sale signs are visual targets for customers. Experienced shoppers will hone in on sale signs. If you’re trying to move products, a special sale sign or sales incentive signage will help you create a buzz for these products. The more traffic you can attract to your special displays, the more sales you’re apt to make. Large, eye-catching signs will help you attract more customers to the area of your store where you want them to visit.

High-Quality Signs

Remember, not all signs are created equal. If you want to sell more products, be sure that your signs are clear, easy to read, convey relevant information, and are attractive. You don’t have lots of opportunities to communicate with each customer, but your signs can do the talking for you. Make sure that they say what’s needed to encourage more sales.

If you are in need of new retail signs, you can rely on Display Connection for signs, sign holders, and displays to effectively showcase your products. From wayfinding to product information, your retail signs can have a positive impact on customers and your store’s bottom line.

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