6 Tips for Using Pharmacy and Drugstore Displays

Most of the time when a customer walks into a pharmacy, they have one or more particular purchases already in mind, such as picking up specific prescription medication or buying health and beauty essentials. Whatever the case, the key thing to understand is that while you’ve got that customer in your store, you’ve many chances to entice them with other products. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing the power of pharmacy displays.

Getting your pharmacy fixtures or drugstore fixtures right can lead to a dramatic increase in sales through a variety of products that you may have struggled to sell in the past. So now let’s look at six tips for using pharmacy and drugstore displays.

1. Showcase Products With Display Cases

Pharmacy Displays

Display cases are an excellent way of showcasing more valuable merchandise to customers while reducing the risk of it being stolen.

For example, you may have some smart electronics to sell. In a typical scenario, you might place these behind the checkout. But, with display cases, you can strategically place such products around your store for customers to notice.

If you are going to invest in display cases, it’s advisable to find a specialist who deals with drugstores and pharmacies. They’ll have a whole array of purpose-built display cases made specifically for pharmacy marketing. They may also be able to provide you with some invaluable pharmacy display ideas.

2. Display Related Products Together

If you stock complementary products together, you have more chance of the customer buying more than they set out to.

A good example of this is having tissues close to cold and flu remedies. Or, you might have fitness supplements stacked up next to sports braces, if you sell those sorts of things. The classic example is toothpaste next to toothbrushes.

By putting related products next to each other, customers will have an easier time shopping. They may also remember how easy it was to get what they needed with little fuss and so return to get these products again.

3. Develop a Good Floor Plan

To get the most out of your displays, you need to develop a highly effective floor plan. One way to do this is to figure out what your best selling on-the-shelf items are and place them towards the middle or back of the store. This way, customers will have to walk through and inevitably browse through your other products.

There will be parts of your store with more footfall than others that you should take notice of. Often checkouts in a pharmacy get crowded since people are focused on getting their prescriptions. So why not rotate different products you want to sell more of on display in that area?

Also, test out your different display options in different locations. At the end of your aisles, it’s worth putting posters or banners up to highlight certain products that a customer can find in that aisle.

4. Product Display Height Is Important

The height at which you display your products has a huge influence on whether customers will consider them or not. As a rule of thumb, you might want to position your less profitable products towards the bottom and top of your shelving. This means you’ve left room for your profitable stock at eye-gazing height.

You could even get deeper into the psychology of this strategy by considering customer demographics. For instance, you can put anything child alluring on the bottom shelves where kids will easily see them go for such products. Furthermore, you might want to raise men-related products a little higher than women-related products due to average height differences.

You could even invest in custom gondolas to display certain products you want to highlight and different heights in your store. These are also great to put at the end of isles. Plus, you can also use them to sell stock that you want to get rid of and put on sale.

Pharmacy Displays5. Utilize Strategic Lighting

Strategic lighting will draw a customer’s eye to where you want it to go. A good way of making this super-effective is to focus your lighting on or beside your display cases. You can also highlight banners with lighting.

Where you don’t use lighting to highlight areas in your store, place more specialist products in those areas. The reason for this is that if someone requires something specialist, they’ll more than likely ask you for it. Plus, you probably won’t get as many sales with specialist products.

6. Get a Pharmacy Display Board

If you are serious about attracting new customers, a pharmacy display board is a must. It’s often the case that there may be people from outside your local area passing through but need to find a pharmacy. It could be the case they urgently need some medication or even just tampons.

A pharmacy display board that’s lit up is your best option to be noticed. You should be proud to show your display board as you may help people in tricky and even dangerous situations where they need your products and services.

The Best Tips for Pharmacy Displays

So we’ve now run through six of the best tips you’ll get for pharmacy displays. If you use these strategies well, we guarantee you’ll see some great results!

At Display Connection, we offer a full range of pharmacy displays, such as display cabinets, shelving, grid walls, and stall walls, to name a few. If you’re interested to see how we can help you with your pharmacy marketing, please check out our products.

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