Gondola shelving is a popular choice for pharmacies because of its durability and versatility. Gondola shelving is typically composed of metal frames and shelves and can be customized to fit any size and shape. This makes it easy to maximize the available space within a pharmacy, where space is often at a high premium. However, there are many benefits to choosing Gondola shelving for your pharmacy location to maximize your pharmacy storage. 

How To Maximize Pharmacy Storage with Gondola Shelving

When it comes to maximizing storage for a pharmacy, Gondola shelving is a great option. Here are a few tips for how to maximize Gondola shelving for pharmacies:

1. Measure Your Available Space First

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Make sure to measure the available space before purchasing Gondola pharmacy shelving. You want to ensure that the shelves will fit in the space and that there will be enough room for the items you intend to store. In addition, you may be able to fit more Gondola shelving in your space than you originally thought because of how efficient it is, which would allow you to display even more of your available products. Don’t forget to leave ample room for people to walk the aisles, especially if your store offers carts for customers to store their items as they shop.

2. Customize Your Shelf Sizes For Your Products

Be sure to fully utilize the adjustable features of Gondola shelving to create more space in every aisle of your pharmacy. Because of how easy it is to adjust individual shelves and reconfigure the shelving units, you can customize your shelf height to store all the most important items in easy view of customers without leaving wasted space between shelves.

This is also a great way to adjust storage in aisles between seasons. For example, if you sell some clothing items at your pharmacy, you may find that summer items, like leggings and swimsuits, don’t take up as much space as winter items, like sweaters and scarves. With Gondola shelving, you can adjust the shelves to match the space your seasonal items take up, making more room for variety when smaller items are displayed there.

3. Use Different Sizes and Styles of Gondola Shelving

It’s valuable to consider purchasing Gondola shelving in different sizes and styles to maximize the available space. For example, there are Gondola shelving endcaps available to make seasonal or cross-promotional displays. You may also need shorter shelving units for one side of the store than the other, depending on how your departments are arranged. Whatever your needs are, there’s a style of Gondola Shelving that will work! By using different sizes and styles for different items and areas of your store, you can provide novelty that will make it more engaging for customers to explore.

4. Use Gondola Shelving For More Than Just Shelves

In addition to sturdy, customizable shelves, you can use a lot of other methods to store and display products on Gondola shelving. For example, you can attach hooks to maximize storage for items that can hang, such as toothbrushes, bags of cough drops, or lip balms that come in cardboard containers. You can also use baskets to make the most of space for smaller items that don’t necessarily need to be displayed as neatly, such as travel-size toiletries or stuffed animals. Don’t let the title “Gondola shelving” make you feel confined to traditional shelves – there are many more options out there for you to explore with this versatile storage and display solution.

5. Always Use Signs and Labels

Make sure to use labels to clearly identify the items stored on the Gondola shelving, whether it’s at the front of the store or in the stock room. This will make it easier to find the items you need and will help keep the shelves organized, as well as empower employees at every level to correct it if something is ever in the wrong place.

Gondola shelving is an excellent option for maximizing storage in a pharmacy. With adjustable shelves and a variety of sizes, Gondola shelving can easily be customized to fit your needs. Additionally, Gondola shelving is often easy to clean, which is crucial for pharmacies that often serve many elderly and immunocompromised patients as they access the prescription and over-the-counter medications that they need to get through each day. In addition, Gondola shelving comes in a variety of colors and designs, so you never have to sacrifice fashion for function – you can have both. By following the tips above, you can easily maximize your pharmacy storage with Gondola shelving.

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