How Store Signage Can Improve Your Store

Businesses compete to remain relevant with savvy online websites in today’s media age.

While racing to update their online presence with the newest specs, many businesses have forgotten how to upgrade their branding and image in their in-person business operations. Outdated sale posters no longer meet the mark of customer experience.

It’s time to upgrade your business with store signage. Read this overview on what store signs are offered today and how they can improve your business front.

What Is Store Signage?

Store signs are the first form of interaction between your business and customers. These signs, inside or outside, relay information on what the company is about and convey what you sell and offer to potential buyers.

There are many types of signs, including but not limited to:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Gridwall signs
  • LED/Neon signs

Each has a purpose of drawing the eye and enhancing your product as the customers browse down the store aisles. The benefits of them show positive results well after signs are taken down to be swapped for the newest ones. Here are some of those benefits listed below.

Store Signage

Store Signage Equals Competitive Advantage

How many stores have you entered that showed no store signage of their products? These businesses leave the guessing to the customers and, as a result, force customers to leave out of frustration and confusion.

How can customers know that the jeans and pants along the walls are for them and on sale?

By including store and retail signs throughout your business, you set yourself apart from your competitors. Customers will come into your store, look at your signs, and instantly know that there’s a wall dedicated to everything they need on the left-hand side.

Clear Concise Communication

Some business owners debate the importance of proper store signs. They believe that writing on paper and posting it on the door saves them time and money rather than getting signage made. But in fact, it actually hurts their business.

Improper signage can get damaged and may be hard to read if the font and words are cluttered. If customers can’t read the store hours from their car, they’ll most likely drive away.

A good business provides signs that relay information in a clear, concise manner.

You could opt for clear directional signs, which guarantee the customers find what they’re looking for sufficiently. At the same time, safety and standard signs posted in an unsecured area tell shoppers to steer clear, guaranteeing their safety.

Brand Reinforcement

Creating signage is a great way to share your brand and character with customers before they even step foot in your store. With that said, it’s important to ensure that every design detail is with your business in mind.

If you choose a whimsical scripted font and you’re a medical supply store, your business may get mistaken for a coffee shop. Partnering with skilled sign professionals will help you keep consistency with the character of your brand throughout your business and will ensure everyone knows exactly who you are.

Draws in Attention

Research shows that over 76% of American consumers will enter a store they’ve never been in based on its signs, and a great deal of them even purchase a service or product because signage in the store caught their attention. You need good signs to catch the customers’ eyes, but once you have them, you need good signs to keep the customers engaged.

As your customer browses through, they shouldn’t be bombarded with long lists posted with various types of information. Keeping the signs within good taste and placing them appropriately as product enhancements allows them to retain the information and directs them to a controlled experience set by you.

Clear Promotional Purpose

Promotions like sales and discount days are a great way to get customers to come in and buy. Let customers know all about it with banner signs hung up in and outside your business. Short and straightforward, emphasizing its temporary status, it’s a surefire way to have some of the busiest business days of the year.

Store SignageSafe and Convenient

Thinking outside the scope of marketing, store signage is also important for other factors of the business as well. On the backend, it’s necessary to have clear important notices of safety in the workplace.

By creating signs of business rules and regulations, everyone has universal knowledge of the company standards.

Economically Smart

Having professionals create your business signage is considerably cheaper than other methods of advertising such as pay-per-impression/PPI. Which consists of paying for each ad through email, radio, and other media types. Signs are a one-time cost that lasts as long as you deem the information relevant to your business, with all the perks of other costly alternatives.

Profit Production Increase

After viewing these points, the answer to “does signage help increase sale profits?” is definitely! These benefits show that if you take the time to budget for business signs, your business is expected to increase by 10% or more if used correctly.

Invest in the Right Signage for Your Business

Having the right store signage gives your customer a universal experience regardless of shopping online or in-person. Not to mention the perks you get from them at a fraction of other branding costs.

Partnering with Display Connection not only gets you the best signs available on the market, but we also have the best sign holders and placement materials needed to show them off.

For more information on our available signs and holders, visit our store signage shop.

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