What Industries can Benefit From Gondola Shelving?

Many different industries can benefit from using efficient gondola shelving in their stores and businesses. The following section explains how each industry can benefit from using gondola shelves.


Automotive is an industry that heavily uses this type of shelving. These stores typically sell vehicle-related items, such as car parts, car accessories, oil, antifreeze, window-wiper fluid, tools, and tires. Some of these products are quite heavy, so tough, sturdy shelving is needed.


Stores that sell beauty products are great candidates for gondola shelving. Lotions, facial cleansers, and cosmetic products like makeup and brushes are all easily displayed on gondola shelves. Double-sided shelves like gondola shelves keep pathways clear so there is more room for shoppers to browse.

Books and Literature

gondola shelving

Bookstores are great places to use gondola shelves. Business owners can use gondola shelving to create long rows of books for shoppers to peruse and browse. Different kinds of displays can be created using gondolas to showcase certain books.


If you own a business, you can benefit from using gondola shelving in a few different ways. Gondolas can be used to store important papers, files, hardware, products, or supplies. Keep your business efficiently organized with gondola shelves.


Gondola shelves are an effective way to organize your things at your job. They are a great way to display employee achievements or store things like paperwork or important files.


In the education field, gondola shelving can be very beneficial. They can be used to organize and store books, folders, binders, and many more items. They can also be used for displaying educational items or showcasing student achievements.


Gondola shelving is a wonderful way to display things at events. You can use a gondola to display trophies, awards, merchandise, or fundraising items.

Family and Parenting

Family and Parenting is an area where gondolas can be used for great organizing. Organize household supplies, books, educational materials, toys, and more.

Food and Drink

Businesses that sell food and drinks are common businesses for gondola shelving. Items can be used in the back of the store as well as displaying food and drinks for customers to purchase.  Grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores all make use of these customizable shelves.


Gondola shelves are a great way to store or display video games. Store or display games, consoles, computers, and game accessories with gondola shelves. You can also create long rows of video games for easy browsing.


Many businesses sell health and wellness products. Items like medicines, remedies, and various health products, can all be displayed on gondola shelving. The double sides of the gondola help save space in small spaces.

gondola shelvingHobbies and Interests

Stores that sell arts, crafts, collecting supplies, and other hobby items can benefit from using gondola shelving. Gondola shelves are a wonderful way to organize merchandise by category and make shopping easy for customers.

Home and Garden

Sturdy gondolas are perfect for home and garden merchandise. The heavy-duty shelves are great for handling everything from small packets of seeds to large items like furniture and lawnmowers.


The legal industry benefits from the use of gondola shelves, also. Items like books, files, important documents, legal briefs, and office supplies can all be stored and organized with gondola shelving.

Government and Politics

Government and politicians’ offices are another type of workspace that can use these strong shelves to organize things like fundraising merchandise, office supplies, and important documents and files.

Life Stages

No matter what life stage your business is in, gondola shelving can help. Whether your business is a start-up or a mature enterprise, gondolas are a great choice for storing and displaying products.

Movies and Television

Movies and Television are another industry in which gondolas can aid with storage. Items like props, costumes, important documents, scripts, and other documents, as well as filming equipment, can all be stored in this space-saving shelving.

Music and Radio

Gondola shelving is also used in the music and radio industries. These shelves can be used to keep things like recording equipment, records, and musical instruments safe and organized.

Personal Finance

If you work in personal finance, consider using gondola shelves to keep track of important items in your office. Things like files, documents, ledges, binders, and other paperwork can be safely stored on gondola shelving.


gondola shelving

The pet industry often needs strong, sturdy shelves. Heavy bags of pet food, and other items like terrariums, aquariums, and various other pet supplies, are displayed for customers on these shelves.


Science labs can use gondola shelving to store lab equipment. The open shelves are a great way to store various supplies for easy access, while the double sides help save space.


Societies such as organizations or communities can find gondola shelves helpful for storing things like academic materials, even materials, or fundraising materials.


Gondola shelves are tough and sturdy, making them the perfect fit for sports retailers. Things like athletic clothing, shoes, weights, or health items can all be displayed easily on this shelving.

Style and Fashion

Gondola shelving is easy to customize to suit your business needs. Clothing stores are a perfect example of how these shelves can be changed and used for various items.

Technology and Computing

Technology and computing industries use gondola shelving all the time. These shelves are great for hardware, software, and any other tech or computer supplies or accessories.


These shelves can be adapted to display items in the travel industry. Things like travel pamphlets, maps, and products like travel mugs and bags can be displayed for customers.

In Closing

Gondola shelving is beneficial for many industries. They are useful for storing supplies, displaying merchandise, and saving space. Learn more about gondola shelving or contact Display Connection to order gondola shelving for your business today.

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