The Best Retail Display Fixtures For Your Products

Retail display fixtures are a crucial aspect of visual merchandising. The type of retail display fixtures and how they are used can impact a product’s sales. Merchandisers must remember that this is the first interaction a person may have with the product, so this opportunity must be maximized.

The Bigger Picture

Merchandisers must match the products they are selling to appropriate display fixtures to make the most out of the in-store opportunity. Looking at the big picture rather than the individual products is essential. The product being promoted is part of the store itself, so any display needs to be in line with the store’s overall “feel” and ambiance.

By choosing the right fixtures, the consumer’s overall experience is improved because products are easy to locate, consumers can look at them properly, and feel like they can spend time browsing the items in the store.

Clothing, for example, is often best matched with garment racks. They are versatile and allow multiple products to be displayed together, which increases the chances of cross-selling. Garment racks have become incredibly versatile and can be put together in different configurations to maximize impact and utilize different heights to highlight a particular range.

Retail Stores

In retail, some key considerations should be remembered when choosing display fixtures:

  • Perimeters have more space and enable the displays to be higher, offering a unique opportunity.
  • Freestanding displays can be used as dividers to define the shop’s interior and to group similar products. To maximize the impact, vary the heights.
  • Tables are a great way to draw the consumers into the store.
  • Read this blog to learn more.

Immersive Fixtures

These fixtures are becoming increasingly important as a way to improve the overall consumer experience. This sees the product matched to an environment they are used in, with fixtures used to recreate that environment.

Immersive fixtures are examples of how powerful merchandising can be when a product is matched correctly with the right retail fixtures.

Imagination as a Guide Retail Display Fixtures

Let imagination be your guide when planning displays. When matching products and fixtures, the possibilities are endless. Create an overall picture of what you are trying to create and use fixtures to create that picture.

The more distinctive a product display is, the more likely the product or store will be remembered.

Think Outside the Box

Often stores have limited space or other constraints; however, there are display fixtures that work in all situations. It is a case of having to think outside the box.

Food and drink can utilize a range of display fixtures. With limited space in grocery and convenience stores, some display fixtures are ideal but often under-utilized. These include cooler door merchandisers, custom designs on equipment such as coffee products at a coffee bar, and cross-merchandising displays where products consumed together are paired together, for example, chips and drinks.

Talk to the Experts

No matter the purpose of the display, there is always a fixture that will make it work in the way the merchandizer wants it to be perceived.

The number and type of display fixtures are extensive, and the people that supply them are the experts, so if you are unsure about what fixture to pair with a product, the best advice is to talk to the experts who can steer you in the right direction.

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