Tips for Making Product Displays More Accessible

When you’re setting up products in your gas station or convenience store for customers on the go, product display matters. Only a third of gas station and convenience store purchases are planned ahead of time, so placement is the key difference between a customer walking out with everything they need or leaving empty-handed.

Here are some tips for product display that may help your customers find everything they need:

Keep Products at Eye Level

People first notice what’s at their eye level. They also decide whether or not they’re going to purchase something in under eight seconds of looking at it. If you notice that some of your products aren’t selling as well as they should be, it might be because your customers aren’t seeing them quickly enough, and you might need to reorganize some of your products.

You can benefit your customers by putting lots of commonly used items at eye level and keeping them in an area of the store where customers are likely to walk by naturally. That way, they can see and grab what they need quickly without having to look around the store.

Product DisplayPut Last-Minute Items Near the Register

There are certain items that customers might not think to look for but are happy to have when the opportunity presents itself, like at a gas station when a customer sees air fresheners for their car when they’re going to pay for gas. Since customers think of these items at the last minute, keep them on a merchandising display near their last stop in the store: at the cash register.

Place Complementary Items Together

When two items commonly go together, like chips and dip, keep them near each other on the shelves at your convenience store. When a customer picks something up, they often think of what would go with it. Putting complementary items together makes it easier for the customer to find and helps them get everything they need during their quick trip in and out of the store.

Have an Attractive Display

People feel better around things that are tidy and organized. Make sure that you have a display that looks nice and that your products are grouped together by type/size/color. A clean-looking display helps people find things quickly and easily. Resist the urge to overstock your merchandise because that can feel overwhelming to customers.

Try to organize your product displays with the customer’s quick shopping experience in mind. Your merchandising displays can make all the difference for your loyal customers. When they have a fast and easy shopping experience, it makes them want to keep returning to your store and encourage their friends to go to your store, too.

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