Gondola shelving is one of the most common types of retail stores. They are used in many different kinds of stores and businesses. They are a popular choice for a few reasons. Gondola shelving units are sturdy, customizable, and help save space. This guide explains what gondola shelving is, why they are a good choice, and how you can use them to maximize space in your small store. Read on to learn more about gondola shelving.

Why is Gondola Shelving a Good Choice?

gondola shelvingGondola shelving units are usually made of steel, and are therefore very strong and durable. If well-cared for, these units can last for decades. They are also free-standing and can be moved however you like in your store.

These handy shelves are fully customizable, too. They come with accessories like shelves, arms, hooks, and pegs, making it possible for you to display different kinds of merchandise. Being able to change out the accessories and change their positions on the units allows you to maximize the space in your store, as well.

Most gondola shelves are double-sided, allowing you to display merchandise on both sides and create aisles in your store if you wish. You can get the most out of the space in your store by using single-sided gondola shelves along the walls, and using end cap units on the ends of aisles, also.

These units give retail store owners the perfect way to display wares in an attractive way that makes good use of small spaces. These shelves are also great for storage in store rooms and for keeping additional items organized.

What Types of Stores use Gondola Shelving?

Many different kinds of businesses use gondola shelving. These shelves are great for any business that needs to organize items, store items, or display merchandise for purchase.

The types of businesses and organizations that could find gondola shelves useful include:

  • Automotive
  • Beauty
  • Books and Literature
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Education
  • Events
  • Family and Parenting
  • Food and Drink
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Home and Garden
  • Law
  • Government and Politics
  • Life Stages
  • Movies and Television
  • Music and Radio
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets
  • Science
  • Society

There are many businesses and organizations that could benefit from using gondola shelving in their business for displaying, organization

Why Gondola Shelving is Great for Small Retail Stores

Gondola ShelvingGondola shelving for small retail stores is the best way to maximize space. These shelves are usually double-sided, and can display a lot of merchandise in an attractive way. These units are not fixed in place and can be moved however you like. These shelves are fully customizable, making them perfect for small retail stores that don’t have a lot of space.

How to Maximize Space with Retail Gondola Shelving

You may be wondering how you can use retail gondola shelving to save space in your small store. There are a few tips and tricks you can use. The following section covers a few ways you can maximize space in your small store. Follow these tips to get the most out of your gondola shelf units.

Think About Your Space

Look at the space you have available in your store before you order your gondola shelving units. Think about how many shelving units you need to create an attractive shopping space. Use measuring tape to take precise measurements. Ensure that there will be enough space between the units for customers to browse without feeling crowded.

Also, consider how much merchandise you will have on your sales floor at a time and the size of your storage rooms. This can change how many shelves you need to order. Order the right number of units for your retail space.

Using the Appropriate Gondola Shelves

Think about what sorts of merchandise you will have, and where in the store you’d like to display it. There are a few different kinds of shelving units, including wall units, island units, and end cap units. Think about how many of each kind you will want to create different displays.

Also consider whether you would like pegboard, mesh, or slatwall-style gondola units. What sorts of items you will display on these shelves can help determine the best style for you. Finally, get the accessories you need. Gondola shelves can come with different arms, shelves, hooks, and pegs, and you want to make sure you have everything you need for your store displays.

Stock Merchandise to Your Advantage

Plan a layout ahead of time for your retail space. Consider using a planogram to help you figure out how to place your gondola units and how to display your items best. Gondola units can be adjusted to suit your needs. The arms, shelves, hooks, and wire baskets can all be moved, and placed higher and lower depending on your merchandising needs.

Try mixing and matching different accessories. For example, you can place shelves and hooks on the same side of a gondola shelf, making it possible to display different kinds of merchandise next to each other. This allows you to get creative with your displays while saving space in your store. Place items that are on sale or seasonal displays on end caps where they can be seen.

Gondola Shelving for Your Small Store

Gondola shelves are a popular choice for retail locations. These shelves are sturdy, and versatile, and help you maximize space in your small store.

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