Improve Your Pharmacy Shelving with These Steps

Retailers that offer convenience experience 67% growth in sales, according to a Deloitte report.

You want to make an excellent first impression on your customers. It’s good practice to make the most of your pharmacy space to show your customers that you care about their health.

Continue reading to learn more about how to improve your pharmacy shelving.

Pharmacy Shelving: What’s the Goal?

Pharmacy display shelving is attractive and a must-have for displaying your merchandise. However, there are more things to consider.

It’s also important that your pharmacy shelving is functional. You can keep your merchandise organized and displayed properly by reorganizing your store.

One of the biggest benefits of shelving is it’s a reusable commodity. Moreover, the right shelving can give your store the appearance needed to impress your customers.

Improve Pharmacy ShelvingSetting up Your Pharmacy for Success

Retail pharmacies must now compete with fierce competition from other channels such as direct-to-consumer sales. You must impress your customers as soon as they set foot in your store.

You should have an appealing and impressive pharmacy layout. It’s also highly beneficial to keep as many products at eye level as possible.

You should also arrange seating in strategic locations to highlight items on your shelves. This strategy is especially important for customers who face challenges with mobility.

Your signage should also guide customers to merchandise. It should help customers find the goods they want to buy.

Making a Fresh Start

If sales have been in a slump or you simply want to increase revenue, reorganizing your store is an excellent idea. There are most likely some items lying around you can discard. For instance, you can get rid of any equipment that’s been sitting in a closet unused for the last decade.

You should also search your shelves for expired products. It’s even helpful to go through your filing cabinets and shred unneeded documents.

Streamlining your space gives you peace of mind. It also makes the shopping experience more pleasant for your pharmacy customers.

Optimizing Product Placement on Your Pharmacy Shelving

Now that you’ve cleared out all unwanted items, you can take stock of the things you’re going to keep. You must think about the best way to situate these items.

For instance, you might organize prescriptions alphabetically but still find they’re in disarray. In this case, you may want to change your system.

You can rearrange the prescriptions your customers order the most where you can reach them easily. This practice will help to contain clutter.

You should also assess whether you have enough shelving to keep your pharmacy in order. Alternatively, you may want to remove some shelving if it’s cluttering your retail space.

Keeping Your Pharmacy Shelves Optimized

You’ve elevated your store layout to peak organization at this stage. If you’re like most pharmacies, however, you most likely have busy periods. You could find the mess you’ve eliminated magically reappears after a rush ends.

You can manage this chaos by building a store organization workflow. For example, you can create a standardized process for replenishing your inventory and store layout on the front end.

Meanwhile, you can use a color-coded priority system to optimize your store on the backend. For example, you could use the system to ease the burden of tasks such as filling prescriptions. It will give your pharmacy techs more time to address the urgent needs of your store.

These practices will make your pharmacy easier to run and maintain.

Planning an Optimization Workflow

You must organize your time if you want to stay on top of your space. It helps to create a schedule for all aspects of your business. For instance, you can make a schedule for:

  • Making social media updates
  • Ordering products
  • Straightening shelves

You should also establish consistent intervals for these tasks.

Improve Pharmacy ShelvingIt’s just as important to establish accountability for each task. You should also ensure complex tasks, such as ordering products or editing your store website, have a single owner.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

You can update your store by updating your shelving. Your customers will immediately notice old, outdated retail space. You may want to consider modernizing various aspects of your pharmacy with this in mind.

You can also consider updating your lighting. For instance, you can switch from fluorescent lights to soft indirect lights.

You may also need to update your shelving to improve merchandise positioning. You should present as many products as possible at the same level when you improve pharmacy shelving.

Choosing New Pharmacy Shelving

New shelving is ideal for creating the optimal pharmacy display. You have many options to consider if you’re considering investing in new shelving. For example, you’ll need to think about:

  • Center wall configuration
  • Color
  • Construction
  • Height
  • Length
  • Width

You must also weigh whether the shelving you’re considering can display the merchandise you sell effectively. You also have to think about whether new shelving fits with your store’s branding and the image you want to portray to your customers.

It’s also important to think about ease of use. For example, you may consider shelving with wheels so you can move it easily.

With these points in mind, there are endless options for pharmacy design with new shelving for optimal sales and workflow.

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