Captivate Every Customer With These Luxurious Jewelry Display Cases

For jewelry buyers, purchasing decisions aren’t just about the products themselves — they want a stellar shopping experience. In fact, 48% of shoppers say they’d be more likely to choose a jewelry store over its competitors if the company offers a hassle-free, streamlined shopping experience. Knowledgeable staff and online shopping are only two parts of the solution. To truly have a lasting impact on consumers’ jewelry-buying experiences, stores need the right jewelry display cases.

The right display cases keep customers moving, allow them to compare different pieces, and make your stock shine. Here are jewelry display cases from Display Connection to help your jewelry retail store accomplish that.

Jewelry Display Cases for Multiple Uses

Selling jewelry is all about creating an elegant yet approachable ambiance. Our 48-inch chocolate cherry jewelry display case allows retailers to do that in just about any space. If jewelry isn’t the main on only thing you sell, you may rotate different products in and out of this case to streamline your stock for different seasons and sales.

Though every version has glass tops and fronts and sliding panel doors, we also offer a this display case in light maple and attractively red cherry. For more dynamic spaces, choose a display case in black or white.

Lit Jewelry Display Cases

Jewelry Display CasesBoutique jewelry makers and sellers don’t always have the large, well-lit spaces chain and department stores do. In that case, you can maintain your intimate low-light atmosphere and still allow customers excellent views of your stock with lit jewelry display cases.

Currently, we offer jewelry display cases with lights in:

They’re just like the first cases on our list but have the added luxury of long-lasting LED lights with a power cord and plug — no electrical work required.

Sit-down Jewelry Display Cases

While jewelry often sells itself, more expensive pieces may be a little bit slower to move. Customers hem and haw over whether they should treat themselves or a loved one to something more opulent. However, a sit-down jewelry display case allows you to give customers the personal experience that may help convince them to drop some extra coin.

According to business research firms:

  • 67% of consumers say they’d spend more money if they get excellent customer service.
  • 72% of consumers will promote a business after receiving stellar customer service according to the same datasheet.
  • 70% of buying choices are based on how consumers feel a company treats them.

Make every customer feel special by sitting down with them over a sit-down jewelry display case. This puts them at ease, makes them feel un-rushed and gives them a better look at your hand-picked selection. With such a tailored, intimate shopping experience, new customers will become loyal patrons that will rant and rave about your jewelry store to anyone that will listen.

We even have an LED-lit sit-down jewelry display case for an added layer of luxury. These are the perfect addition to retailers that offer custom jewelry services.

Corner Jewelry Display Cases

If you have quite a large stock, having a straight line of display cases makes customers clump together and feel rushed. As everyone tries to pack in front of your cases, people may miss seeing everything you have on offer. With the addition of one or two corner jewelry display cases, you can create an organic, uncluttered traffic flow through your store.

For a timeless rounded contour, check out our curved display case with lights, cabinets, and a wide range of color options. It can even be used as a reversed or inverted corner case. Our angled display case has the same features but with a more modern minimalist aesthetic.

For retailers with a larger selection that require sales representatives to move quickly and freely, consider our large Ultimate Corner Counter case or Splendid corner display case. Each matches our smaller corner cabinets for a professional, uniform look.

Multi-shelf Jewelry Display Cases

Sometimes, a jewelry retailer’s stock grows much quicker than their storefront size. If that sounds like your business, a multi-shelved jewelry display case maximizes your space without compromising the attractive beauty of your displays.

Jewelry Display CasesIf your jewelry selection is in a high-traffic area, consider our LED-lit metal-sided jewelry display case. Though the top, front, and all shelves are made of glass, the sides are strong enough to handle bumps and scrapes.

For smaller retailers, our glass-top multi-shelf jewelry display case with LED lights gives customers a 360-degree view of everything you have to offer. Even if space is limited, customers can move freely around the case.

Island Display Cases

Does your jewelry store have a big empty area in the middle? While that may give customers more space, if you still have jewelry in your stockroom, you could be using that space to advertise merchandise. Make the most of your space with an island jewelry display case.

Oval, LED-lit and multi-shelved, this four-foot-tall glass display case can be viewed at all angles. Have some particularly rare or magnificent pieces? Place them in this display to create a buzz amongst new clients.

Beautiful and Already-assembled Display Cases

At Display Connection, we know that preparing the perfect eye-grabbing display takes time. For that reason, almost everything we deliver to clients comes pre-assembled. That way, you can focus on selecting the right pieces to put in your new jewelry display case and spend less time putting your DIY skills to the test.

For more information about our jewelry display cases and how we can serve your business with more display tools, contact us today. Need display materials for a different kind of store? Browse our selection by industry in our online store. As a family-owned business since 1992, rest assured that your partnership with Display Connections will be full of big-business resources and home-grown hospitality.

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