The Best Counter Display Options For Your Store

They say eyes are windows to the soul. And when it comes to merchandising, what your customers can see plays a big role in what they purchase. That’s why you need to invest in an engaging and high-quality counter display.

Counter displays are considered one of the most effective sales and marketing channels a business can implore. You may have interesting products in-store. But, if these items aren’t merchandised correctly, you could lose potential customers and sales.

So, how can you choose the right counter display for your business? What are some key considerations you need to think about? Read on to discover the top display tips that can help grow your business, attract customers, and even increase sales.

Options For Displays

To choose the right display for your business needs and goals, you need to understand merchandising options. Display Connection is the ultimate resource for store displays, retail fixtures, and much more. Here are some display options to consider:

  • Frameless display cases
  • Wall-mounted display cases
  • Museum display cases
  • Jewelry display cases
  • Gondolas

These are just some display case options to know. Regardless of your business needs or space considerations, these basic display cases can help organize your product and improve the merchandising quality of your business.

Counter DisplayConsider Merchandise For Displays

Not all businesses have the same product, need, or goals. And that means not every counter display will be the right fit. To choose the best display, consider the shape, size, and aesthetic of products.

For example, do you sell jewelry or small accessories? Upscale counter displays with luxurious details help the jewels gleam and glisten.

And more importantly, the quality of the display must align with the quality and price of the product. If your customers invest in a pricey product, the display and purchasing experience should match those expectations.

Choose Colors For Displays

When considering merchandise for displays, you can’t forget color. Color is an important selling factor for any business because it helps attract the customer, evoke emotions, and even impact certain buying decisions.

For example, white displays create a crisp, clean, and tranquil feeling. Depending on your product and ideal customer, the color white can help make the buyer feel comfortable and entice a purchase.

Oppositely, stronger colored displays like black or natural woods can evoke feelings of boldness, seriousness, or elegance. These displays might work well for a museum shop or men’s fashion store, for example.

Counter Display Designs

To choose the right counter display for your business, consider the importance of design and aesthetic appeal. Do you prefer the look of a long and sleek display counter with minimalist shelves?

Or do you like displays that appear more like traditional furniture with legs and wood details? Remember that the design should match the aesthetic of your store, products, and client expectations.

The Best Counter Display Generates Revenue and Intrigue

Consider a counter display to be a wise addition to your marketing and sales efforts. When you choose the right counter display that aligns with your merchandise and business goals, watch sales soar!

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