Gondola shelving is a versatile type of free-standing, space-saving display that allows retailers to present merchandise clearly. Various industries–from healthcare to education to automotive–use gondola shelving because of the many benefits they provide. For example, gondola shelving can be made of countless materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic, and can be adjusted to fit in areas with limited space, such as pharmacies, bookstores, and convenience stores.

Convenience stores provide valuable goods and services to a wide range of customers looking for many types of products. Due to a convenience store’s size and its limited inventory, it can be difficult to create the desired convenience. Fortunately, gondolas provide solutions to the many challenges that come with convenience store shelving, such as limited space, limited product display capacity, and poor product visibility. Read our guide to understanding the challenges and considerations for gondola shelving for convenience stores.

Challenges Faced by Convenience Stores

One major problem with trying to satisfy as many customers’ needs as possible is that convenience stores often must pack a lot of variety in a small space. Small spaces limit the amount and variety of products that retailers can put out, which can turn off customers looking for a specific brand or preferred substitute when stopping in. Small spaces can also make it more difficult for customers to find what they need because they have to look through too many options in one space.

Limited space also means a limited amount of products that retailers can display. Although this can help prevent overwhelming customers, it also limits the number and variety of products a retailer can display simultaneously. Limiting product displays means merchandisers now must try and guess customer preferences for almost every product, from ice cream and condiments to windshield wiper fluid and fire starters; choose the wrong kind, and customers will look elsewhere for convenience. Limited product display might also make customers assume that a retailer does not carry as much variety as other stores, making them less likely to stop by when they urgently need something.

Limited space also means that merchandisers might struggle to fully display their products to customers. Narrow shelving that forces too many items together makes it impossible for customers to find what they want. Bulky or heavy displays that cannot be moved easily make it difficult for retailers to adjust the spacing between shelves and thus accommodate customer preferences as they change. No matter the cause, if customers cannot see the product they want, they will leave and find somewhere else that does.

Gondola Shelving Solutions for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores must monopolize their limited space available to generate maximum customer satisfaction. To do so, all of their products must be arranged in an organized, visually appealing manner. If a store lacks floor space, you can choose wall gondola shelving to display similar or related products. You can even customize the type of paneling to best suit your needs and promote high-demand items.

Island-style gondola shelving can also be used to maximize product display in convenience stores, especially when combined with other factors like strategic signage and effective shelving placement. Island-style gondola shelving, or a standalone, two-sided display, provides an eye-catching display that draws customers into new or high-value products a retailer wants to sell. End-caps, which can sit at the end of wall gondolas or at cash registers, can also display target sale items in eye-catching locations, making it more likely customers will add those items to their baskets while browsing.

The simplistic design of convenience store gondola shelving makes it easy to emphasize desired displays, no matter where they are located in the store. The open shelf design makes it easy to integrate creative elements like props, colored lights, or interesting lighting displays to illuminate your inventory and further draw in customer attention.

Advantages of Gondola Shelving

One of the most significant advantages of gondola shelving lies in its versatility. Big or small, on a wall or standalone, gondolas are capable of creating various types of displays for countless purposes. Because of their lightweight designs, retailers, employees, and merchandisers can easily install, modify, and take down gondola shelving. This simplistic design makes it easy to change shelving positions and create eye-catching displays. Gondola displays also come in various styles, such as island-style, wall, or end-caps, as well as designs, like slatwall paneling or pegboard paneling.

In addition to being versatile, gondola shelving has a reputation for its durability as well. Unlike other types of shelving, like thin metal wall hooks or cheap plastic rack shelving, gondolas are typically made of metal or a durable type of plastic. Because of this, gondola shelving can handle years of wear and tear, making them a worthwhile investment. Their durable materials also mean that their shelves can fit various items of every size and weight, perfect for ensuring every customer has what they need when they come into your convenience store.

The versatile and durable design of gondolas makes them perfect convenience stores. Gondola shelving can be customized in the number of shelves, the color, the material, and even their proximity to the wall, making them an excellent choice to display various types of items in an orderly, yet pleasing manner. Simply put, gondolas are a flexible addition to your convenience store shelving options.

Considerations when Purchasing Gondola Shelving

With space being such a commodity in convenience stores, you must consider several factors before deciding on which kind of gondola shelving to purchase. How large your store is will help you better determine which type of shelving to use.

For smaller convenience stores, you might consider fewer, more strategically-placed gondolas. Smaller stores might also want to utilize wall gondolas or shelving designs that allow for hooks, like pegboard paneling. Larger stores can afford to utilize bulkier display options like islands or end caps.

Regardless of store size, color is always an important consideration for designing and utilizing gondola shelving. Bright colors, props, labels, and other attention-grabbing visuals all act as a way for you to guide customers to the items you want to sell. Colorful paneling can also be used to brighten up certain sections of the store where you want customers to go, like a food or beverage station.

Explore Gondola Shelving with Display Connection

Gondola shelving gives convenience store retailers a flexible, affordable, and versatile way to effectively display their products. Their customizable shelving, design, and colors allow them to change so they can effectively advertise seasonal sales, clearance specials, and BOGO buyouts. No matter the industry, everyone can benefit from gondolas.

Display Connection has a wide selection of gondola displays. From island-style to end caps to wall mounts, we have everything you need to grab attention, increase sales, and bring your business to the next level. Shop our selection of gondola shelving or contact us for a customized quote today.

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