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We offer a large variety of Gondola shelving to fit all of your display needs. Our quality Gondola shelving units are perfect for displaying products, demos, and more! If your store, restaurant, or pharmacy needs a specific type of shelving, you’ve come to the right place! Display Connection has Gondola shelving for any occasion.

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Step 1:

Choose your store layout – decide if you need end caps, double-sided islands, wall units, or all three!

Race Track Layout

Gondola Shelving

Power Isle Layout

Gondola Shelving

What kind of store type do you have?

Choose a store to learn more about those store types.

Gondolas for Liquor stores
Gondola Shelving for Pharmacy stores
Gondola Shelving for convenience stores
Gondola Shelving for Pharmacy stores

Step 2:

Choose your fixtures and color – select end caps, double-sided islands, wall units, or all three!

A gondola end cap is a retail shelving display unit that is typically placed at the end of a row of gondola shelving. It serves as a prominent display area for merchandise, often used for featuring new products, special offers, or seasonal items.

A gondola island is a retail shelving display unit consisting of two rows of gondola shelving placed back-to-back, creating a free-standing, double-sided structure that can be accessed from both sides.

Gondola Wall Unit

A wall unit for gondolas is a type of retail shelving system designed to be placed against a wall. Wall units, also known as wall gondola shelves or wall gondolas, are single-sided shelving units that provide additional display space for products while maximizing the use of available floor space in a retail setting.

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Step 3:

Add shelves – once you’ve decided on your units and color, it’s time to add on shelves!

Gondola Shelf

Gondola shelves are versatile, freestanding retail shelving. Gondola shelves typically consist of a base shelf, vertical uprights or posts, and adjustable shelves that can be rearranged to accommodate various merchandise sizes and shapes.

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Step 4:

RELAX and Enjoy Your New Store

7 Benefits of Using Gondolas for Your Store

  Why Gondolas are Beneficial to Your Store Managing your own store can feel overwhelming at times, especially when you consider that over 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. As a brick-and-mortar shop, you face unique challenges such as displaying products in eye-catching ways. Simply stocking the shelves isn't enough—you need to entice your customers to buy specific goods through careful placement and quality displays. Gondolas are an excellent [...]

Step 5:

GROW Your New Store with Display Cases!

GROW with Display Cases

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We work hard to meet the highest standards. Providing our customers with quality display cases and shelving units and responsive customer service is what we do best. At Display Connection, we look forward to creating long-lasting relationships with our customers, not just transactional ones. When you are in the market for new display needs, you can rely on Display Connection.

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