Do You Need a Custom Display Case?

When you hear the words display cases, you probably don’t think about their benefits. But did you know that having display cases can increase organization and sales?

That’s because the best display cases will help keep your inventory neat and visible to all of your guests. So if you want to learn more about retail display cases, keep reading our display case guide!

Benefits of Custom Display Cases

There are a lot more benefits to having a display case in your store. For starters, display case designs are very safe and can deter a thief from stealing inventory.

Even a glass display case would be very difficult to break. Therefore, the chances of a burglary decrease when you have display cases.

Next, a display case design can actually enhance your products and make them look more valuable. That’s because the best display cases are made with quality materials to enhance the look of your inventory!

Lastly, display cases can help sell more expensive items that get overlooked by bringing them to attention. Or you have items in bulk; you can place them on a display case and sell them gradually.

How to Order a Custom Retail Display Case

Depending on your store and what you sell, you’ll want to customize a display case to fit your customer’s needs. For example, if you have a lot of traffic in your store, you’ll want to invest in a double-sided display case.

This way, your clients have more space and time to explore every product! However, if you have less foot traffic, a single-sided display case will do just fine.

You should also think about the design of your shelves. For example, do you want them in a muted color or a darker color to contrast the rest of the walls?

You may not think this is important. However, your stores’ ambiance matters especially if you’re looking for retail display cases. Lastly, depending on the size and quantity of your products, you’ll want to make sure you get the correct display case to avoid any products from falling off.

Here at Display Connection, we offer an array of shelves, and we ask that you fill out a form regarding what sizes you will need. So remember to think about your normal clientele and the design of your store when customizing your display cases!

Full Vision Display CasesDisplay Case Tips

Display cases last for decades without breaking sinking. However, you do have to do some maintenance to extend their lives. For starters, display cases should be dusted at least once a day. Dusting prevents your inventory from looking old, and it helps keep the material durable.

Next, if you have a glass display case, be sure to use microfiber towels to clean off the glass. Using this fabric will avoid any scratching, and you’ll get a cleaner look.

If you have a wooden display case, be sure to clean the paneling with wood-safe cleaner and a short towel. You should also avoid placing wood cases near exits since termites, and other pests could inhabit the wood.

The Best Custom Display Cases

Your business should be equipped with the best of the best! So we hope our guide to the best display cases has taught you the importance of these parts.

So don’t wait any longer, and contact us today to get started with your custom display case.

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