Merchandising Strategies for Gas Stations

Did you know that close to 40 percent of Millennials aged 28 to 36 purchase from convenience stores up to two to three times per week?

Gas station convenience store sales are crucial because they generate local economic activity. Customers are typically in a hurry and want to stop in for a quick purchase after they pump their gas.

The right marketing strategies can draw customers’ attention. Merchandising displays should be the main player in a gas station’s marketing strategy.

Learn about the effective ways to use gas station merchandising displays:

Choose the Right Display Fixture

Gas station fixtures help make your products more accessible for your customers.

Gondola displays add great flow to your convenience store. They let you organize all of your products by category. Because you can design your own gondola, it is customized for your convenience store.

You will also want to use countertop displays. These are great gas station display fixtures because they allow you to easily display small impulse buy products. These come in a variety of styles like plastic, wired, and wooden.

Gas Station MerchandisingGet Creative with Limited Space

Convenient stores often don’t have a ton of space, but you can still get creative with your product display. Think outside the box and make use of cooler door merchandisers or coffee bars with coffee products.

Another guaranteed way to grab customers’ attention is to set up cross-merchandising displays. This is where you can display products that are typically consumed together. For example, you might want to display chips and drinks together.

Think about other complementary pairings that your customers who are on the go would be inclined to buy simultaneously. Be creative!

Place Last-Minute Items Near the Register

Do you know those products that customers may not go searching for, but are happy to pick up if they are right in front of them? Place those products near the check-out registers.

Convenience stores at gas stations should display impulse items like car air fresheners or gum. People are likely to grab these items at the last minute. Take note of what items your customers tend to grab at the spur of the moment and put those near the front of the store.

Make Your Displays Attractive

People are attracted to things that look clean and organized. Ensure all of your gas station displays look nice by grouping items by size, color, or type.

An organized display also helps customers find products easily. On-the-go customers who want to get in and out quickly will thank you for your organizational skills. This is a great way to get repeated customers and establish customer loyalty.

Revamp Your Merchandising Displays Today

If you own a gas station, merchandising displays should be on your mind when thinking about your marketing strategy. You want to design your gas station display in a way that will encourage customers to pick up your products.

Display Connection can help you create the highest quality product displays for your gas station convenience store. Take your marketing strategy to the next level and enjoy increased sales!

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