Safety Supplies Every Store Needs

Even before the pandemic, each store owner needed a list to ensure workplace safety. However, now that COVID is part of our daily lives, we need to ensure that we keep our staff and our customers safe.

Are you looking for a list of safety products? Keep reading for a guide to the safety supplies every store needs!

COVID Safety Supplies

Even before COVID, store owners have had to take safety precautions. Now, however, there are additional safety supplies that every store owner should have.


Most experts show that a sneezeguard is a smart installation to have, especially for your cashiers. It prevents any particles from transmitting from person to person.

However, make sure you have the right guard for the job. There are several options to choose from for each situation. For example, safety supplies such as a hanging shield are optimal for places that still require plenty of space to move around or hand items to customers.

Additionally, a shield that is mobile can help in situations such as teaching a workshop. It will allow you to showcase your projects without needing to distance yourself from your students.

Finally, in restaurants, barriers are necessary if you want to seat your guests and give them the security of being in their own space, away from other guests.

Safety SuppliesSanitizing Stands

Additionally, both hand and cleaning sanitizer is a must. To allow for easy access, you should consider setting up a station that both customers and employees can reach easily.

Safety supplies, such as a disinfecting stand, are essential to allow for cleaning high traffic areas. Some stores encourage their customers to clean items like carts. However, it is highly encouraged by officials to clean the carts yourself.

Make sure you have items such as masks on hand for both your employees and customers. Masks are easily lost, and even though we’ve been in this together for over two years, people still tend to forget their masks when they go shopping.

Sanitizing stands come in all shapes and sizes to meet your every need. As we are trying to get through the pandemic, we need to adapt and change our behavior to move forward and prevent further infection. And that may take some time.

However, washing and sanitizing stations are crucial, and each business needs to understand how to work them into their daily operations. We offer automatic sanitizer stations, pump stations, and, as previously mentioned, disinfecting stands that hold refillable wipes.


Signs that encourage physical distancing are important as well, plus they can direct your customers to allow for a flow in your store to allow for proper distancing.

While studies are inconclusive whether masks are effective or not, the best way to prevent spreading is to maintain a safe distance. A good way to enforce this in your store is by clear signage throughout your businesses.

For example, there should be a sign on your door that limits the number of occupants in your business. From there on, you should direct traffic in a way that allows for distancing but also allows the customer to visit each part of the store.

Finally, at checkout, each customer should maintain distance while they are waiting in line. You can do this with markings on the ground or a physical sign that each person can stand at.

Door Pulls

The best way to prevent germs and viruses from spreading, including COVID, is to touch as few items as possible. That is why it is a good idea to install items that are usable by feet and not hands.

For example, a door pull that allows customers to open and close doors without using their hands is an excellent way to prevent contamination in the event that someone does have COVID.

Storage Supplies

All of the items on this list are great and necessary. However, if they are hidden in a deep dark corner, no one will know where to find them, how to use them, or in the worst-case scenario, they won’t even know that they exist.

Proper storage leads to the organization within your store. Both the front of house and back of the house needs proper shelving to allow for a clear overview of all products.

While there is a lot of advantages to an organized store, it also provides safety for everyone involved. It can eliminate tripping hazards, reduce stress, and save time. Especially in emergencies, store safety products need to be accessible immediately and easily found.

Safety Supplies: Prepare Your Store Today

Prepping for an emergency is never a fun task, and living during a pandemic is even worse. However, it is essential for everyone’s safety. These safety supplies will give you a head start.

Are you looking to open a new store or maintain your current store? Shop around for all the essential safety supplies today!

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