There are Issues with Raw Material, Lead Times, and Pricing Right now

Given ongoing supply chain challenges in the market, Display Connection is being as transparent as possible regarding the availability of materials, lead times, and pricing. Supply issues are being experienced by all suppliers, buyers, and industries around the world. Primary drivers continuing to affect supply:

  • Port of entry delays for imported products
  • Transportation obstacles
  • Cargo container rates and availability
  • Labor shortages
  • Mill production capacity
  • Resin shortages

Over the course of the past year, we have received numerous price increases on direct and indirect materials that are used in our manufacturing processes. These increases have been realized through direct raw materials such as raw board, packaging, adhesives, additional labor costs, and additional logistical costs.

The demand for raw materials and services remains at an all-time high and this has created shortages in many categories, which has resulted in significantly increased costs.

Cost Increases Continue

Display Connection has worked diligently to hold off these increases. Unfortunately, due to continued and frequent increases, we can no longer absorb those costs. We will no longer quote delivered pricing on trucks as the rates are changing so often. With board shortage and extended lead times, we suggest placing orders accordingly to accommodate for the increased lead times and supply chain delays.

Effective, 3/17/2021 all quoted prices are valid for 10 days and prices are subject to review at the time of order, at which time we will provide updated pricing to reflect any market changes that may have occurred.

All of our plants are working constantly to avoid supply chain disruptions through rigorous forecasting, as well as, leveraging supply agreements and dual sourcing.

Our Commitment to Customers

Display Connection is committed to working with multiple supply chain resources to avoid these disruptions and fulfill your needs in a timely fashion. If you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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