Finding the best way to store, market, and manage your retail items is a major challenge. The challenge only grows during busy seasons.

A simple, yet effective, solution is to invest in a retail display case. Display cases can be placed anywhere in your business. They allow potential customers to see what is for sale while also serving as a secure location for more expensive merchandise.

But display cases are not one size fits all for any business. Depending on the merchandise you want to display, your location size, and the amount you want to invest in display cases, there is a specific option that may work perfectly for you.

Learn how to choose the best retail display case for your business!

Items That are Perfect for Display Cases

There are particular items that may work better in your display than others.

You want to display items that pique shoppers’ attention and entice them to purchase or at least ask for a closer look.

The main purpose of a retail display case is to showcase your merchandise in the most appealing way possible.

retail display casesFood and Drink

Some food and drink businesses can benefit from a display case.

If you consider your business to be in the category of a bistro, pastry shop, coffeehouse, delicatessen, or something similar, a display case could work perfectly for you.

You will need to determine if you need refrigeration or a heat source for your display to help maintain the temperature of your product. Display cases that need refrigeration are best if you are storing items such as cakes and pies.

Heated displays are good for displaying pizzas and select concessions. They don’t heat up food items, but rather keep them at a specific temperature. This way, you can easily serve them from the case. Depending on your individual needs, they can also provide humidity to your display.

Some items don’t need to be refrigerated or kept warm. These items include bagels, some pastries, and bread. For these items, you do not need to concern yourself with getting a specific type of display case.

Fashion and Jewelry

Displaying accessories and jewelry is a great way to attract customers.

Pieces for sale that work best in a display case can include small handbags, accessories, belts, and jewelry.

Jewelry display cases are perfect for showing off your beautiful items and giving them a level of glory while also providing security for these items.

Gaming, Tech, and Accessories

If you are selling expensive gaming consoles, exclusive release games, or accessories for gaming and consoles, you may consider a display case to keep them safe.

Some consoles run for hundreds of dollars and can be high-ticket items that can pull in a customer if you display them correctly.

These would work best in display cases that provide 360 views or a purely frontal view as folks are walking past.


Depending on the exact item you want to display, you may consider multiple varieties of display cases.

For figurines or smaller items that fit into a similar category, you may want to invest in a tower display.

For trophies or larger items, a trophy case is an ideal choice. This provides a sense of grandeur for your pieces and makes a big statement in your store when they are dominantly present in the space.

If you want to feature exclusive pieces, then you may also want to consider a pedestal display that will give each item its individual spotlight view on your sales floor.

Case Materials

Aside from what you want to display, you’ll need to consider how to display your merchandise. Different materials will provide different experiences for your consumers who are looking into your displays.

retail display casesGlass

While quite common, especially for food merchandise, it’s not the most durable material.

Glass displays are more fragile and if you are storing expensive antiques, they may not be the best fit.

However, if you are storing items that are purely decorative and are not meant to be taken out and moved, glass makes a gorgeous display accent to the items you are showcasing.

Tempered Glass

However, if you want a beautiful display and are invested in having glass, you can look into tempered glass as a compromise.

Tempered glass allows you to have the same beauty and visibility for your consumers to gaze at, but it offers more durability than normal glass.

This is best if you are also looking for a refrigerated case as it will help maintain the cool temperature you desire.


Acrylic is the least likely display case material to break. It is highly durable and can last you a long time without replacement.

Acrylic also is lighter and provides more visibility for your customers because it does not have an undertoning tint that can make certain items less visibly appealing.


The size of your display matters greatly because you do not want your displays to overwhelm the sales floor, but you also want to provide enough space for them to fit comfortably in your store.

Measure the space you ideally want to place your display and compare that with the space you have in your entire store.

If your displays will take up more than half the space you have, you may want to downsize or consider smaller displays that will make better use of the space that you already have.

Considering Display Cases? Look No Further!

To find the best retail display case for your business, consider what you want to display, how you want to display it, and the level of durability you need.

No matter what kind of display case you’re looking for, we can help!

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