Your Guide to CBD Merchandising

The US CBD market is expected to grow into a $7.8 million industry in 2022. With market potential like this, not having eye-catching displays for your CBD products can make or break a business.

In the article below, we show you how to utilize these displays for CBD merchandising and discuss the many types of shelving available so you can capitalize on this scorching hot market. So read on now to learn more!

CBD Merchandising Floor Plan 101

Before you consider shopping for CBD store fixtures, you will need to figure out your floor plan.

From a looping floor plan that leads customers in a guided circle around every store fixture to a free flow design that bursts with creativity, the options are only limited by your square footage and imagination. Make sure you have a general idea of your layout before investing in suitable display cases.

Leading Your Guests

Research shows that shoppers tend to follow the driving patterns of the country in which they live. You can use this to your advantage by placing store fixtures that coincide with the normal flow of traffic in your country.

Doing so will appeal to your guest’s instincts and cause them to spend more time in front of every display case.

CBD MerchandisingStore Layout Drives Impulse Sales

Do you want your customers to see your topical CBD products?

Impulse sales are crucial in maximizing every transaction. A countertop display placed directly at eye level by a register can increase revenue for products that might get lost in a regular display case. Utilizing typically wasted space by a cash register can often capture sales.

Keep Your Displays Fresh

Experimentation is the key to ensuring that your guests have every opportunity to see your full cache of products.

If you find specific inventory is moving slowly, it is probably time to refresh and relocate some stock. Sometimes trying a different display case is all it takes to make a slow mover into a scorching hot seller.

Getting Your CBD Products: The Basics

Now that you have an idea of how to best layout your store, it is time to fill it with the inventory.

Many CBD products are available today: edibles, tinctures, flowers, topical balms and creams, pet treats, and so much more. Having a wide variety of these hot sellers displayed appropriately will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

More Than Just CBD

Diversifying your inventory can lead to increased sales.

Our display cases work perfectly for vapor products and devices which overlap with CBD customers. Having a display with cartridge batteries and vape mods can increase revenue and attract a wider variety of customers to your shop.

Choosing the Right Displays and Fixtures for Your Shop

Now you are ready to explore all of the options available to make your CBD shop stand above the rest. Combining the right displays and layout can increase revenue and keep customer retention levels high.

Frameless Displays

Showcases like this are a fantastic way to give your products a visual impact and make every potential customer stop to see what’s in them.

These frameless displays feature glass on all sides, giving your guests a full 360˚ view of the products inside. They feature locking glass doors so you can safely secure your inventory.

Extra Vision Displays

More rigid than their frameless counterparts, these versatile shelving units offer many display options for your CBD products.

These popular choices put all your CBD options front and center without sacrificing quality, ranging from cash register displays to wall displays. Keep all your inventory safe and secure with locking doors, and stop worrying about loss prevention.

CBD MerchandisingCountertop Displays

Are you looking to add a striking retail display to your existing CBD shop counter?

Our countertop displays put your unique products right into your guest’s line of sight. These displays are available in various sizes and materials to attract attention and capture sales.

Liftoff Displays

These museum-quality display cases make your CBD products the star of the show. You can genuinely place these anywhere you want to showcase your top sellers.

The locking mechanism uses a pneumatic system that doesn’t require an electrical outlet. Optional LED pole lights and light bars will only add brilliance and make this display the centerpiece of your CBD shop.

Full Vision Displays

A busy CBD shop will be turning over lots of inventory, and our full vision displays give you plenty of room for understock capability.

These displays are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, offering an easy way to maximize retail space and exhibit various CBD products. Choose one of our lighted options for even more visual impact.

Greenhouse Displays

The greenhouse display case is our most unique and will become the focal point of your CBD shop. It is available in many custom sizes and options and features two locking doors and two locking drawers for the ultimate security.

Your best products will securely remain the center of attention!

Your One-Stop Shop for CBD Merchandising

Now that we’ve gone over all of the options, it is time to capture every sale with display cases that create visual impact.

Whether you want to create a store plan from scratch or integrate new displays into your shop’s layout, Display Connection has all your CBD merchandising solutions.

Contact us today to start making an impact on your customers and set your shop apart from the rest.