Innovative display cases can elevate your promotional efforts through engaging presentations that draw customers in and inspire buying decisions. As a merchandiser, retail manager, or anyone selling products to the public, finding creative ways to showcase your merchandise is critical for business. Creating eye-catching, engaging displays for promotional items is an essential part of retail sales, and finding the best display options can be challenging. Choosing the right display case is the answer! With innovative, versatile options in various sizes and styles, display cases are the perfect solution for showcasing various sizes and types of products.

This post discusses display cases, their benefits, different types of cases, and tips for choosing the right display case to meet your needs.

What is a Display Case?

In merchandising, a display is the physical placement of items in a retail setting. Display cases are fixtures that showcase products and inventory while keeping items protected from potential risks. Display cases are also excellent for displaying awards, demos, and other items in many different settings, such as museums, churches, schools, pro shops, or various retail settings in stores or expo halls.

Promotional Displays

There are many ways to approach promotional displays. The main idea involves strategically placing products in a salesroom, often close to a register to increase brand awareness, display a new or seasonal product, showcase a new item or promote a special sale. Increasing brand awareness and visibility is imperative for businesses today.

Benefits of Using Display Cases in Promotional Displays

Promotional displays are the special placement of items or merchandise in a salesroom. The promotional display technique is common among retail merchandisers and shop owners. It is designed to draw customers into specific products and inspire purchasing decisions.

There are many benefits to using display cases in your promotional displays.

  • Hassle-free shopping for customers.
  • Secure place to showcase your products.
  • Add sophistication to your store.
  • Elevates your expo hall booth display.
  • Keeps merchandise organized.

Display cases are part of a visual merchandising strategy arranging items in visually appealing, easy-to-see arrangements designed to engage customers and increase sales. Using display cases in your visual merchandising efforts can maximize the potential of your store. 67% of customers will leave stores without purchasing if items they are searching for are not easily found. Display cases allow you to display your inventory, show customers what you have available, and encourage purchasing decisions.

Types of Display Cases

Horizontal Display Cases

Horizontal display cases also serve as a retail counter with everything in plain view for the customer and the retail associate. They are also popular in many stores, including jewelry stores, pawn shops, auto parts stores, and other retailers.

Tower Display Cases

Tower display cases offer a vertical view of products allowing customers to view items from different angles. They also have a slim design, perfect for corner placement.

Countertop Cases

Countertop cases are small and can be safely placed on a countertop without damaging the surface. These cases bring items closer to a customer’s eye level, providing a closer look at items.

Wall Mounted Display Cases

Smaller glass display cases are constructed to mount on walls—an excellent choice for merchandisers and store owners with much wall space to fill. Wall-mounted cases help decorate walls while showcasing items to sell.

Pedestal Display Cases

Pedestal display cases are often positioned in the middle of a room, perfect for drawing attention from customers. They are easily movable and can transition quickly with various promotional displays.

Tips for Choosing the Best Display Case for Your Promotions

Different displays serve varying purposes. Understanding all options is an important part of the process when choosing a display case for your promotional display. Choosing one for trade shows involves ensuring cases are portable vs. retail displays that can offer more permanent display options. Assessing the size of your items, the space you have for displays, and the level of security you need for your items. Also, visibility and accessibility are key factors when displaying items for sale.

Display Cases are Good Investments

Visual merchandising increases retail sales, brand awareness, and visibility. The use of promotional displays encourages social media sharing resulting in increased visibility. A well-made and carefully maintained display case can last 25 years or more. Glass cases are a timeless investment, classic store fixtures that uphold their appearance and sophistication throughout the years.

Versatile Display Options

Glass display cases are versatile ways to showcase products and enhance customer experience. Retail displays using glass cases are perfect for creating theme displays for seasonal or special occasions. Pedestal or tower displays are moveable, allowing you to shift the location of presentations based on foot traffic in your store or items you want to promote.

Security of  a Display Case

Display cases provide added security in retail settings and at trade shows. Many cases have security features like locks, alarms, and tempered glass. Transparent, secure cases allow shoppers to browse products while keeping merchandise securely locked until a retail associate provides access to the items.

Tips for Using a Display Case

  • Display your top-selling products.
  • Themed displays.
  • Showcase limited-time offers.
  • Highlight special store promotions.

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