Why Gondolas are Beneficial to Your Store

Managing your own store can feel overwhelming at times, especially when you consider that over 20% of small businesses fail in their first year.

As a brick-and-mortar shop, you face unique challenges such as displaying products in eye-catching ways. Simply stocking the shelves isn’t enough—you need to entice your customers to buy specific goods through careful placement and quality displays.

Gondolas are an excellent way to display products. Here are a few benefits of using gondola shelving.

1. Gondolas Are Versatile

One of the biggest benefits of gondolas and the reason they’re so commonly used is that they’re endlessly versatile.

Gondola shelves are easy to install, so you or your employees can easily assemble them. You can also expand your store shelving as needed, quickly putting up more shelves as your store grows.

Similarly, if you ever need to relocate or move a display, gondola shelving is easy to take apart.

Gondola shelves come in various styles, colors, and sizes. Two popular and easy-to-coordinate colors are white and black.

2. You Can Customize Them With Accessories

You can also find a wide array of accessories to make your shelving sleek, professional, and easy to understand.

For instance, gondola label strips attach using an adhesive strip. Simply slide labels in or behind the plastic flap. This makes it simple to clearly display products and pricing and notify customers when something is out of stock.

GONDOLAYou can use hooks or shelves as needed to display different items, such as jewelry or scarves.

3. There Are Various Types of Gondolas

The key to making the most of your store display is to understand how the customer shops.

The layout should guide the customer to products they may not have considered before. Displays and aisles should also offer plenty of room and be easy enough to navigate through. People should be able to clearly find what they’re looking for.

Utilizing the various types of gondolas can help you make the most of your store layout.

The three main types are island, wall, and endcap.

Island gondolas are often two-sided and best used in the middle of the store. An endcap gondola at the end of a row can contain useful goodies, such as impulse purchases. Endcaps are excellent for point-of-purchase displays.

Wall gondolas sit along a wall and are often long displays of products in the same or similar categories.

4. Used to Display Various Products

The versatility of gondola shelving means it’s ideal for displaying a wide variety of products. No matter what you sell, you can stock and display it clearly.

Gondola shelving can fit small items, bulky products, heavy items, and more with ease. Plus, shelves can be adjusted as needed to display items of different sizes, maximizing the display space.

GondolasRetailers like Walmart and grocery stores often use gondola shelving to display their products in an efficient and eye-catching way.

However, you can use gondolas in all types of shops, such as:

  • Hardware stores
  • Toy and hobby shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets
  • Clothing and apparel stores
  • Convenience stores

5. Gondolas Are Affordable

Due to the fact you can add more as you need them, gondola shelves are quite affordable. You only need to buy what you need for your store, yet it’s easy to add on later.

The nearly endless customizability means you can change your displays as often as you want. Move gondolas around, swap shelves for hooks, adjust the height of shelving, and more.

You’ll have your store gondolas for years, making them an investment you can count on.

6. Create Eye-Catching Layouts

Gondolas are so versatile that you can use them in any size shop, from small gas stations to sprawling hardware stores. Gondolas also come in different heights and widths, making it easy to change displays and layouts.

You can design a gondola in any way you need for your store. Choose the size and style that fits the inside of your shop best to maximize the space you have.

Since you can customize gondolas in various ways, it’s easier to create eye-catching product displays. Place the products you want to sell front and center and draw the eye toward them.

You can guide customers toward specific products by arranging gondola displays. For example, you can lead people toward a specific sale area or to a display with brand-new products.

You can also combine eye-catching colors with more expensive products or place related items close together to encourage buying more.

7. An Increase in Sales

Use label strips to promote sales, such as a buy-one-get-one offer or to show off new brands. Attach sticky labels in bright, eye-catching colors such as yellow to draw their eye toward great deals.

Deal-hunting often makes people feel happy and accomplished. It can encourage consumers to buy more. A BOGO deal can entice customers to buy one more of the product even if they didn’t originally intend to, simply because it’s half off.

Plus, customers like to shop smart and feel as if they’re saving money. For instance, almost 70% of millennials look for a good deal before making a purchase.

By prominently displaying sale information on your gondola shelving, you can see an increase in profits.

Experience the Benefits of Gondolas

As you can see, there are many benefits to using gondolas in your shop. They’re affordable, customizable, and easy to change whenever you want. This makes it easy to change displays during sales or as the seasons change and new goods come in.

Gondola shelving is the perfect solution for displaying all types of products, from clothing to cosmetics and more.

If you’re ready to install gondola shelving in your store, contact us to talk more about your display options and get a quote!

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