Retail stores are always looking for better ways to showcase their products. When you can show all of your products in an eye-catching way, you can provide a positive experience for your customers, and increase your chances of sales.

One way to improve the way you showcase products is with Gridwall panels. Gridwall panels are grids (typically made out of metal) that can be either freestanding or mounted on a wall to display goods.

You can employ some tricks and strategies to unlock the full potential of these convenient grids. Here are 4 tips for gridwall panels usage.

1. Group by color and theme

Gridwall panels are a great way to categorize your products. You can take advantage of appealing aesthetic themes to draw your shoppers’ attention. This type of sorting also helps customers find what they are looking for more easily. Coordination can help sell your products more effectively.

One bright idea is to arrange clothing so that complementary colors are grouped on one panel. This is possible because, unlike more traditional display formats, gridwall panels offer more versatility.

You might also want to display your items by theme. Group up goods that are related to summer, such as swimsuits, water toys, and other refreshing products. If Halloween is drawing near, you can dress your gridwall panels up into something spooky, filled with treats and decorations. The versatility that gridwalls provide ensures that your customers always have a new and exciting experience at your business.

It’s easier than ever to display the best-selling, most appealing items on a gridwall panel if you want to entice customers to a particular shopping section. Gridwall panels allow for more creativity and freedom in organizing your goods.

2. Use gridwall panel accessories

The versatility of Gridwall panels doesn’t stop at aesthetics. They can also meet a multitude of needs for different businesses. There are so many gridwall accessories that you can use to add additional functionality to your panels. Hooks, hangers, shelves, and bins are a few of the gridwall accessories that can transform your simple gridwall panel into something that suits your needs best.

For example, bookstores that want to showcase the latest top sellers can leverage gridwall panel shelves to do so. After hooking the shelf accessory in, you can easily fit books on top of the shelf for your customers to admire. This can also help your customers find the books they are looking for easily, without hunting through bookshelves.

Gaming stores can also use gridwall panel accessories to display items that might be otherwise difficult to put in one area. Figurines, game discs, plushies, and headsets can all be put together with the help of smart gridwall panel usage. Gaming stores can also get creative and make a Gridwall panel in the theme of a new video game.

You can even use gridwall panel hooks to create a window display featuring a mannequin that is wearing the most stylish, eye-catching products. Clothing and jewelry stores in particular can benefit greatly from this kind of theatrical, aesthetic display.

3. Take advantage of gridwall portability

Changeability is one of the biggest benefits of using gridwall panels. Because of how adaptable gridwall panels are thanks to their accessories, you can use the same panel for different purposes.

Selling clothing merchandise in a bookstore? You can easily switch to hangers on your gridwall panels. Need to hold a sign for a special event or sale? Your gridwall panel and sign holder can get the job done with no problem.

For stores that are attending events like trade shows to promote their goods and services, gridwall panels are also a convenient way to put up and take down temporary displays with utmost convenience. Gridwall panels are light and adaptable, which makes them easy to transport, configure, and use. Gridwall panels can also help your table stand out amongst the rest.

If you need extra space in your store, you can easily move freestanding panels around. This allows for changes to be made overnight so that your customers don’t need to witness the transitional process of changing what products you are selling.

You can even use empty gridwall panels as dividers within your store. Gridwall panels have so much usability that they don’t need to collect dust in the storage even when they aren’t being actively used.

4. Be creative with how you use your panels

There are plenty of ways you can accentuate the quality and desirability of your products. You can use panels in tandem with marketing tactics to make selling to customers even more effective.

You can be creative with using gridwall panels so that the area in your store looks dynamic and exciting. Gridwall shelves can help you sell “grab and go” items, such as travel-sized make-up or chocolate bars.

It’s possible to use gridwall panels strategically in order to promote impulse buying in customers. Place some fun novelty items at places that are convenient to see, such as beside the checkout queue. Just be careful that your grid wall panels are placed so that children aren’t injured if they walk into a panel or poke around one.

Using spotlights can help you feature your best items. Lighting often goes a long way in attracting the attention of the customer. Just make sure you don’t overuse spotlights or choose colors that clash too much with the rest of your space!

Finally, remember that you can use tall gridwall panels to show items and messages, even if they are out of the customers’ reach. You can place stylistic items to decorate your store, give customers a better sense of your brand, and communicate key information about your products with ease. Not everything has to be at eye level to be effective!

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