How Using Mannequins Benefit Your Displays

In the world of retail, being able to confidently claim that your visual merchandising strategies are unique to your competitors is an accomplishment. By employing various forms of store fixtures, a savvy retailer will be able to create an eye-catching display that sticks vibrantly in the mind of the customer.

Many store owners use a wide range of techniques to display their products in hopes of attracting potential buyers. Creative shelving layouts, strategic product placement, and lighting key areas are all ways that draw customers to look at certain merchandise. When it comes to selling clothing and accessories, however, there is one technique that rises above all others – the mannequin.

Why you should be using mannequins in your store

Reason 1: Your customers will relate to your merchandise
Customers love to see what clothes would look like on them, and they can’t get that from looking at a shirt hanging on a stand-still rack. Putting clothes on a mannequin creates a more realistic and intimate idea of what that item will look like on either the shoppers themselves or someone they are shopping for. Being able to see clothing modeled on a “human body” is crucial to the overall decision-making process.

Reason 2: You can display multiple pieces of merchandise at once
The beauty about mannequins is that they can wear anything – and everything – you want them to! Whether you want them to wear sunglasses and a hat during the summer, or earmuffs and gloves during the winter, the versatility of a mannequin cannot be matched. Dressing your mannequin to highlight and accent different clothing options is one of the reasons why store owners – and customers – love this kind of visual display.

Reason 3: Mannequins guide shoppers to different products Mannequins
A lesser-known fact about mannequins is their ability to guide shoppers to clothing and accessories they didn’t know they wanted. Think about it. If a shopper sees a dress on a model across the store that they like, they will immediately walk over to that dress, explore the surrounding areas and find their size. Not only are they seeing other clothes in that area, but they have also exposed themselves to all the miscellaneous products between where they were and where the mannequin is.

Reason 4: Mannequins are inexpensive
Retailers are always looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience in their stores without breaking the bank. That is why the mannequin is such a convenient option. The size and make of your mannequin will determine the price, but either way, they can fit nicely into your annual budget.

Today’s consumers want more than a picture and a price. They want to see what their new purchase could look like with different pants, a cute hat, or a fancy top. Being able to provide your customers with the most cutting-edge displays is one of the reasons why Display Connection takes such a personal interest in each one of our clients. We want to work with you to assess your needs and develop a new and improved merchandising strategy. Contact us today and create a new way of customer engagement!

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