How to Achieve Eye-Catching Displays

Is there a strategy behind your store’s product placement? You may have everything your customers need, but if they don’t find the store visually appealing, they may pursue another option. Retail displays are not something that should be overlooked. Thinking about how your customers view your store can help you develop a creative and eye-catching display. This will make your store memorable, and in turn, increase sales and repeat shoppers.

How can you make your display more appealing?

Step 1: Tell a Story

Far too often, retailers will only interact with their customers on a surface level. They will promote their key products, send out coupons and have various sales. However, a strong display can be exactly what draws a customer into your store and invites them to start perusing the aisles. A strong display is more than simply placing products that are similarly close together. It involves finding a theme and telling a story.

Take Valentine’s Day, for example. Rather than placing the typical cards and flowers on a shelf, consider telling a story with your display. A theme of a “Valentine’s Day abroad”, mixing a travel element into the standard holiday, will be more attention-getting than the expected display. This will allow you to feature many other items, not just those associated with hearts and the color red. Be creative! Your displays are only ever limited by your imagination.

Step 2: Surprise your Customers Tell a Story

When creating displays, it is important to construct something that is memorable and attractive. Avoid predictably. Utilizing free-standing display units can be a unique way to engage with your customers both inside and outside of your store. In fact, if these efforts are interactive enough, visitors may even stop to take a picture with your display. This could lead to attention on various social media platforms, which may result in increased traffic to your store.

Step 3: Maintain the Store’s Purpose

Every store has a brand that is entirely it’s own. Sticking to this brand is crucial to establishing a reputation among your customer base. When creating displays, it is imperative to highlight items that enforce what your store is known for selling. Developing a way to creatively show off new items, while maintaining the integrity of your store, will enhance your customer’s loyalty.

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